Drs: Arrested For Taking Child’s Phone + Toxic School Conditions

The Doctors: Dad Charged With Theft After Taking Daughter’s Cellphone

One father decided to take away his tween daughter’s cellphone after she was caught sending an inappropriate text. Nothing about that seems too bizarre right? Well the father’s disciplinary action landed him in jail, charged with theft! Ronald Jackson was handcuffed by police in his own home at 2 AM. In 2013 he discovered a text on his 12-year-old daughter’s phone about another woman that he found to be rude, so he took it away. But when Ronald’s ex, who was dating a police officer, found out about it, the cops were called to get it back but Ronald refused. He was given a citation and opportunity to hand over the phone, but he didn’t want a police officer telling him how to raise his daughter, so he refused.

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