Drs: 100-Year-Old Skydiver + BMI Testing At School Controversy


The Drs: 100-Year-Old Skydiver

The Doctors shared the story of 100-year-old Eleanor Cunningham, who celebrated her birthday by jumping out of an airplane. She celebrated her 90th and 95th birthdays the same way. Karen, Eleanor’s granddaughter, said she thinks her grandma will skydive at 105 years old, but probably before that, because the world record is 100 years and 60 days old.

Eleanor joined The Doctors over the phone with her granddaughter Karen. She said she’s planning to jump again in four months, which will break the female jumping record. The Doctors shared that there are actual health benefits to skydiving, which could provide clues for why Eleanor has lived for so long. The release of adrenaline can be great for your mood, as long as you do it safely.


The Drs: 13-Year-Old Refuses School BMI Test

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the 13-year-old student who was sent to the principal’s office after refusing to be weighed in front of her classmates. Her physical education teacher was measuring the heights and weights of the class to calculate their BMIs and Ireland said no.

Drs: 100-Year-Old Skydiver + BMI Testing At School Controversy

The Doctors discussed the controversy surrounding BMI testing in schools. (karen roach / Shutterstock.com)


About 40% of U.S. schools use the BMI measure and about 20 states actually require it. Experts are divided about the issue because of the emphasis it puts on teenagers’ weight. But should Ireland have been punished?

Ireland and her mother Heather joined The Doctors via Polycom. Ireland said it made her uncomfortable, especially in front of other people, and she didn’t want to be compared to other girls. Heather said she did it so that she could give other kids the courage to stand up and say no. The Doctors thanked Ireland for standing up for her rights.

The Drs: Testing BMI In Schools

Dr Drew Ordon said obesity is the number one health problem affecting children, so schools should be a part of helping and educating to improve that. As Dr Jim Sears said, the schools mean well, but they’re putting kids at risk for eating disorders. There was a case where the BMI calculations were read out loud in front of the class and low scores got cheers. Obviously that is what should not happen.

According to a Twitter poll, 83% of The Doctors viewers say that body mass index tests should be conducted privately in the offices of physicians.


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