The Doctors: Swedish Dad Took Kids To War Zone + Video Game Violence


The Doctors: Dad Took Sons To War Zone

The Doctors discussed the father causing a lot of controversy after he took his kids on what he called a “vacation.”

A Swedish dad intentionally took her video-game loving sons to a war zone to teach them the casualties of war. Carl-Magnus Helgegren saw war first-hand while he was a journalist in the Middle East. He was determined to show his boys that “war isn’t cool.”


The Doctors: Swedish Dad Took Kids To War Zone + Video Game Violence

The Doctors talked to the dad who received a lot of backlash after taking his kids to a war zone to show them the reality of what they had only seen in video games. (Anatolii Stoiko /

The family spent ten days in Israel, the West Bank, and a refugee camp where kids were being tended to for their war injuries. Carl published an article about his experience with his sons, which sparked backlash and support from parents worldwide.

The Drs TV: Lesson About Video Game Violence

Carl joined The Doctors via phone to share his story. He said he wanted to teach his children what war is. He said he took them to various places, showing them the effects of war, but they were always safe. He said his kids got the opportunity to see dirty roads and kids with dirty clothes. He said his kids even got the chance to see what it was like in those areas for kids their own age, seeing that some kids were hit in the head with a rifle by soldiers there.


He said there were three children sitting in wheelchairs because they had been shot through the spine with rubber bullets. He said his kids’ jaws dropped and they were looking at him as if to say, “is this real?”

He said their reaction was that they shocked and a bit afraid, but then they calmed down. Dr. Travis Stork shared that Carl’s kids no longer want to play the violent video games. Dr. Stork pointed out that video games with violent content are linked to more aggressive behavior in children and teens.

Dr. Jim Sears shared that the average kid will view 200,000 violent acts on television by the time they’re 18.

Dr. Stork said taking kids on a safe vacation and exposing them to other cultures is a good thing. He said you never have a kid that comes back from a place of less fortunate living situations, thinking anything short of, “wow I never realized how good I have it.”


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