The Doctors: Separating Conjoined Twins + How To Help


The Drs: Conjoined Twins

The parents of three young kids shared that they were excited to be pregnant again and even more excited when they found out they were having twins. They had a 3-month-old when they found out they were expecting twins, and when she was 20-weeks-along, she was told it looked like the twins were conjoined.

The Doctors: Separating Conjoined Twins + How To Help

The Doctors talked to the parents of conjoined twins and their doctor about how the boys will eventually be separated. (chubphong /


The Doctors shared that the twins shared organs, which meant that their chance of survival was 25%. They were born on December 12, 2014 and they were born with organs outside of their stomachs. Doctors put their organs back inside their bellies and then they had surgery on January 2 to separate their small intestines. Next was a liver separation before the full body separation.

The Drs: Separating Conjoined Twins

The Doctors welcomed Michelle and Bryan, the parents of the conjoined twins, from Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Florida. Michelle shared that she was excited to hold her twins for the first time.

Dr Daniel K. Robie, the pediatric surgeon, shared that the twins are healthy, and said you’re stuck by how normal they look. The game plan is step-by-step, but Dr Robie explained that they have to wait for the twins to get a little bit bigger and wait until they can take all of their feedings by mouth. He said they’re making slow strides in that direction.


He said perhaps when they twins are six months or maybe even a year old, they could proceed with the final separation procedure. Dr Robie said the twins should have normal lives. They feel that they will be able to successful separate the livers, and then use their skin and abdominal wall to make the closing.

The Drs: Surprise For Parents Of Conjoined Twins

Jasmine, the aunt of the twins, said transportation has been the hardest, but they’ve been overcoming it. The Doctors then shared that Kars 4 Kids heard about their story and wanted to make sure their family got to and from the hospital safely every day, so the family received a brand new GMC SUV, which brought Bryan to tears. The Doctors will continue to follow their story.

To help Carter and Connor yourself, you can visit their GoFundMe page.


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