The Doctors: Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Leaves Kids Hungry


The Drs: Healthier Eating Act Leaving Kids Hungry

The Doctors mentioned that in 2010 Michelle Obama promoted the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act with the idea to promote healthier lunches in schools, which is something all The Doctors agree with. The problem is that now, many students are complaining that they’re anything but hunger-free.

The Doctors: Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Leaves Kids Hungry

The Doctors discussed how Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act is actually leaving many school kids hungry. (LaMarr McDaniel /


Several schools across the country are dropping the federal program following an overwhelmingly negative reaction from students, with some complaining they’re starving. The rules require more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in the lunches that are limited to 850 calories. But students in Jefferson County, Colorado, are so turned off by the meals that the school district has implemented a Hungry To Win raffle program, giving kids the chance to win kites and bicycles to eat the school’s food.

The Drs: #ThanksMichelleObama

Across the country, kids are posting pictures of their meals with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. The Doctors shared a few of the pictures, including one of “mystery mush.” Dr Jennifer Ashton said it was an example of “no good deed goes unpunished” because it’s the right message, it’s just possibly not being executed very well.

Dr Jim Sears said school districts are having a hard time fitting into the new recommendations. If you ask me, I’d say 850 calories in a lot for a school kids’ lunch! I’m 24 years old and my typical lunch doesn’t average as much as 850 calories!


The Drs: National Boycott Of Healthier Lunches Act

Dr Travis Stork said that it’s estimated that more than a million students have stopped buying school lunches since the program started, and waste has gone up significantly. There was even a young woman who started a national boycott called Pack A Bag Day, and she joined The Doctors via Polycom from Wisconsin.

Her name is Meghan and she explained that the act was started with the idea of serving kids healthier meals, but what they’re actually getting is just small portions of really processed food. She said it’s “definitely a combination” of how the meals look and how they taste. On the boycott day, Meghan packed about 60 lunches and in each lunch she packed an orange, low-fat yogurt, protein bar, a ham and cheese or turkey and cheese sandwich, and a bottle of water.

The Drs: Making Lunches Kids Want To Eat

The Doctors thanked Meghan for promoting the idea of making lunches that kids actually want to eat. Dr Travis Stork said one school district in California claims to have lost $250,000 from school lunches in terms of revenue because kids aren’t buying it. They actually ended up hiring a chef from a culinary school to make the cafeteria food healthy and taste good.

Dr Sears said when kids are involved in choices, whether it’s at school are at home, they’re more likely to follow through with healthy eating.


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