The Doctors: 8-Year-Old Boy With Giant Hands + What Is Macrodactyly?


The Doctors: 8-Year-Old Boy In India With Giant Hands

The Doctors explained that as soon as they heard the story of a boy nearly halfway around the world, they knew that they had to share it. Dr. Travis Stork explained that some of the images he was going to share, would be quite startling.

An 8-year-old boy from India suffers from a mysterious condition that has caused his hands to grow to over 30 inches in length and eight kilograms in weight. Every aspect of the little boy’s life is a struggle. His father explained that his son has difficult feeding himself because his fists to do bend properly. The little boy’s parents have to help feed him. Using two of his fingers, he can pick up some things.


The Doctors: 8-Year-Old Boy With Giant Hands + What Is Macrodactyly?

The Doctors discussed the 8-year-old boy living in India with 35 pound hands. (kurhan /

The boy’s appearance have made him the target of other kids in his village. The boy explained that he doesn’t go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of his hands.

The Drs TV: What Is Macrodactyly?

Doctors have struggled to diagnose the boy’s condition, and his parents have continued to watch their son’s condition get worse over time.


The Doctors welcomed to the show Dr. Andre Panossian, a pediatric hand plastic surgeon. He explained that the little boy has a form of the condition called macrodactyly which is essentially an overgrown limb. He explained that unfortunately, it’s a case that he’s never seen before. He said there’s really no cure.

Dr. Jim Sears shared that as a pediatrician, he’s seen minor cases where it’s just one hand or one finger and said that they will look at other internal organs because they believe if there’s one defect, there’s a good possibility of there being another. Dr. Sears said it was the most severe case he’s ever seen.

Dr. Drew Ordon said that often times when there’s a problem with the hands, they will find a kidney anomaly. Dr. Panossian said you can get all kinds of variations of the problem from the entire limb down to just one finger. He said the degree to which the child has it is just “brutally astounding.”

The Doctors: Treatment For Overgrown Limbs

Dr. Panossian explained that macrodactyly is a progressive problem, which means it will continue to get worse, and the child is only 8 years old. He said the kid’s hands could continue growing until he’s 16 years old or so, when he’ll stop growing.

Dr. Panossian further explained that normally what they would do if the condition was only in one finger, is to amputate the finger, leaving the patient with a still functional hand. In this case, he said there’s nothing short of amputation of the whole limb that would have to be done. Somewhere below the elbow, and then put on a prosthetic.

Dr. Ordon said prosthetics these days are so great that he would probably be better off with a prosthetic anyway, given his incredibly limited range of motion currently.


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