The Doctors: How Your Personality Affects Your Health


The Doctors: March 5 2012

“Could your personality be harming your health, or even killing you?” Dr. Travis Stork asks. The Doctors will investigate the medical and health effects of personality and attitude coming up on the March 5 2012 episode of The Doctors.

From stubbornness to procrastination, The Doctors will uncover our deadly behaviors and how to correct them before they affect our health. What is your biggest personality flaw? Get ready to learn how it could be killing you.


The Doctors: Memory, Personality, Health

Learn how to improve your memory, plus how your personality affects your health.

The Drs TV: Improving Memory

The 2011 film Limitless asked the question, “Would you take a pill that could improve your abilities?” Bradley Cooper starred as a man who found that a wonder drug gave him the energy and mental capacity to do anything.

That may have been fiction, but now The Doctors are ready to unleash a new medical discovery that could be putting a version of this dramatic plot to the test in real life.


Would you get a patch in or on your body if it would help you improve and increase your memory power?

They’re not talking about over the counter supplements, but they are discussing yet another cutting edge scientific breakthrough on the March 5 2012 edition of The Doctors.

The Doctors: Permanent, Non-Surgical Birth Control

How far would you go to manage your birth control? There are many different approaches, and it depends on what is right for you and your relationship. But now there could be a new method to consider. It’s a birth control option with permanent effects, but what makes it innovative is that it does not require surgery.

Is this something you would consider? Is it the female equivalent of a vasectomy? You’ll have to wait until March 5 2012 to find out. The Doctors will discuss it, and you can read about what they had to say on Recapo.

The Drs TV: Lazy Vs Sick

Many of us have been accused of being lazy. But could there be an actual underlying medical cause for those lethargic habits? It’s one more personality quirk The Doctors will explore on March 5 2012.

The Doctors USA Weekend Magazine

This weekend, The Doctors Health Smart column in USA Weekend magazine is tackling mental illnesses, including Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Schizophrenia. Learn the symptoms and what you can do by picking up USA Weekend in your local newspaper.


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