The Doctors: Heart Palpitations & When is Bloating Not Normal?


The Doctors did a show called Scary Symptoms that are Harmless, where they covered topics like Heart Palpitations, Nosebleeds, Hair Loss and Bloating.  How do you know when these medical symptoms are serious versus when they are harmless?  Read on for the answers! The Doctors When is Bloating Not Normal

The Doctors: Heart Palpitations

The Doctors showed a girl who gets a super fast heartbeat when she gets stressed out from traffic.  She says that it feels like her heart is beating out of her chest and she regularly commutes for four hours to see her family.  She drinks lots of soda to stay awake and alert, could the soda cause Heart Palpitations?


The Doctors said that Heart Palpitations can be caused by caffeine, which can cause your heart to beat faster than normal.  If you feel this happening, check your Radial Pulse in your wrist and see what your pulse is.  You want to be about 60-100 in a minute when you are not exercising.  In addition, you should make sure that the heart beat in your pulse is not irregular, because that could mean that you have Atrial Flutter.  And of course, if your pulse is above 150 beats per minute when you are not exercising, then see your doctor.

The Doctors: Bloating Causes

The Doctors said that bloating is not uncommon and is a sign of extra gas in the abdominal cavity.  If you eat fatty or greasy foods, you can get bloated.  Some women think that bloating can only mean Ovarian Cancer, but it can also mean any Abdominal Cancer such as Bowel Cancer or Liver Cancer.  If you do not have PMS or bowel issues that make you boated, then you should have it checked out.  Also, Cancer tends to grow over time.  So if your bloating keeps getting worse gradually, then that is worrisome.


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