The Doctors: Green Foods, Green Health & St. Patrick’s Day


The Doctors: St. Patrick’s Day

Every year, people go green to celebrate the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday is observed each year on March 17. But since that falls on a weekend this year, The Doctors are celebrating a few days early, with a special St. Patrick’s Day themed episode airing March 14 2012.

Don’t forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, on March 17 2012. Wear green!


The Drs: St. Patrick's Day

The Doctors will celebrate St. Patrick's Day by exploring how the color green affects health.

The Drs TV: Ways The Color Green Affects Your Health

The Doctors love to talk about colors, because it is a great way to organize information in a logical way that we can all relate to. We understand the color green, and most of us will recognize it when we see it.

On March 14 2012, they will delve into the mysteries of the color green when it comes to our health. There are usually good and bad presentations of every color when it comes to health issues, but green seems to be a more alarming color when it comes to body excretions.


The Doctors: Green Poop, Green Urine & Green Toenails

Does your baby have green poop in his or her diaper? Find out whether you should be worried about that when you tune in to the St. Patrick’s Day episode of The Doctors, coming up March 14 2012.

Plus, The Doctors will look into the meanings behind green urine and green toenail fungus during their colorful investigation.

The Drs TV: Green Foods

Of course, the best greens for your health are probably found in the kitchen or at the farmer’s market. The Doctors love to encourage us to make healthier choices, but did you know that some of the green ingredients in your kitchen can actually help your face look good?

Learn the green recipe that can fight wrinkles when you check out The Doctors on March 14 2012. If you miss the show, or want more details on anything you saw, you’ll find it all right here on Recapo after the broadcast.

The Doctors: More Colorful Advice

If you want more colorful suggestions for your health, check out these past color themed episodes for more ideas and solutions regarding your body.


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