The Doctors: Food Safety Investigation & 50 Calorie Ice Cream


The Doctors: February 27 2012

Do you know what is really going on with your food before it lands on your plate? The Doctors are promising an In Depth investigation coming up on their February 27 2012 show.

They are taking an inside look at why our Chicken supply is treated in chlorine that is 50 times stronger than your average pool. Can that really be health for you?


The Doctors 50 Calorie Ice Cream

The Doctors will share a 50 Calorie Ice Cream Recipe on the February 27 2012 show!

The Doctors: Food Safety & Pop Culture

The Doctors will be addressing food safety, which has been a hot topic in our culture over the last decade. With the rise of factory farms, many have spoken out about the potential dangers of genetically modified and chemically engineered foods.

There have been multiple documentary films on the subject of Americans and eating habits, including fast food investigation Super Size Me and the eye opening Food Inc.


Films & Books About American Food Safetey

But critics counter that with claims that these films aren’t telling the full story. Who do you believe?

There are also several bestselling books on these topics, including Fast Food Nation, The Hundred Year Lie, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, among others.

The Doctors: 50 Calorie Ice Cream Recipe

Also coming up on The Doctors for February 27 2012 are some great food tips for your recipe collection. Learn about five Fat Burning Foods you can eat more of. And they will share an exciting 50 calorie ice cream. If that’s all the calories it has, it’s got to be impossible to feel guilty about that, right?

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this low calorie ice cream treat, because I’m always looking for easy snacks.

The Doctors USA Weekend

Dr. Travis Stork said early detection is often the key to beating deadly diseases. The Doctors have a partnership with USA Weekend magazine, found in newspapers around the country.

Important screenings for blood pressure and cholesterol can catch Heart Disease early. Women should get regular Mammograms and Pap Smears to detect Cancer.

You can read more about the importance and benefits of health screenings with The Doctors column, a part of USA Weekend, in your local newspaper.

Don’t forget to come back to Recapo on February 27, 2012  for a full recap of everything that happens on this show!


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