The Doctors: Eating With Your Hands & Kids Medical Advice


The Doctors: Kids Health Lessons

The Doctors will turn the tables on their March 1 2012 episode and let children do the talking. That’s because they believe kids can be a great source of health advice. As we grow older, we may develop bad habits or cow to conventional wisdom. But our childhood instincts and entertainments could actually hold the key to a variety of helpful health solutions.

What health advice do you think kids can impart to us? It seems like kids are great at sharing, and they do love to spread germs. Maybe that is a way you can boost up your immune system.


The Doctors: Kids Medical Advice

For the March 1 2012 episode, kids are giving The Doctors health and medical advice.

The Drs TV: Kid Trapped In Vending Machine

Grocery stores and restaurants love to offer vending and toy machines as entertainment. But what happens when kids get creative about obtaining their coveted prizes? Maybe you have heard the stories of children who climb into these vending machines and then get stuck.

On the March 1 2012 edition of The Doctors, Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears will weigh in on this phenomenon and what parents need to know to protect their children. You may be surprised at how common these incidents are.


Plus, he and his patients will share their health perspective with The Doctors. Feel like a kid again.

Is Eating With Your Hands Good?

Kids love to play with their food, and coming up on the March 1 2012 edition of The Doctors, we will learn how this can have health benefits. Plus, kids give advice on ways you can lower your cholesterol and improve your memory function, which is a great way to keep yourself sharp and stave off progressive health conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

We will get to hear all about the health benefits of acting like a kid again, which I’m sure include increased happiness and confidence.

The Drs TV: How To Lose Weight

It seems like every week The Doctors are promising a new way you can lose weight. Of course, that gives you a variety of options to choose one that is right for you. On the March 1 2012 show, The Doctors will share more health and wellness tips for us to try out.


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