The Drs: Three Types of Hunger – Obesity & Cholesterol Affect Organs


The Doctors: Hunger Games Edition Teams

Are you ready for the Hunger Games, Doctors Style? Four teams, four challenges and one Doctors’ Hunger Team wins it all. Can you name the three types of hunger?

Team one, “No Country for Fat Men,” was made up of Danny and Dave, who met in college. Danny and Dave bonded over their love of Chinese takeout and late night eating. They said they’re still stuck in the dorm mentality and stay up really late and eat junk food.


Team two, “Muffin Top Stoppers,” included Jill and Stephanie. As cousins, the two said they have been through it all–the good, the bad and the fat. Stephanie appeared on The Doctors last year for a hair makeover, and it inspired her to lose weight too. Jill was frustrated that Stephanie had lost over 18 pounds but she couldn’t even lose one.

Kenu and Tiffany formed team “Thin it to Win it.” The two have been best friends for five years, and are ready to stick with a solid dieting plan.

Team “Mission Slimpossible” was comprised of Charlene and Michael. They are high school sweethearts that have been married for six years with three adorable boys. Like so many of us, they fell off the healthy eating wagon. She is addicted to chocolate and chips and he loves cakes and pies.


The teams were playing for a week-long wellness trip to Miami, Florida.

The Doctors: Three Types of Hunger

The Drs: Three Types of Hunger - Obesity & Cholesterol Affect Organs

Constantly eating a high cholesterol breakfast is doing a number on your heart and other organs. Can you name the three types of hunger?

Before the teams got started, Dr. Travis Stork explained to them why they feel hungry in the first place. Of the three types of hunger, the only one Dr. Stork said they should give in to is physical hunger.

You feel physically hungry when your body actually needs fuel. After hours of not eating, your stomach becomes empty, and this causes your blood sugar levels to drop.

Ghrelin, a hormone released by your stomach, travels up to your brain and tells you that you need to eat. When you’re feeling lightheaded and irritable from hunger, it’s time to eat!

The Doctors: Sensory Hunger Causes People to Overeat

Dr. Stork said that giving into sensory hunger is one of the reasons people often overeat. Even if you’ve just eaten a meal, you could smell something sweet and think you’re hungry.

When your mouth starts to water, your pancreas can release insulin which makes your blood sugar levels drop in anticipation of eating. You might start to feel hungry, but it’s all based on false sensory hunger.

Emotional hunger occurs when you’re feeling depressed or sad about something and you turn to comfort foods like pizza or ice cream. Dr. Stork said that over time, giving in to sensory and emotional hunger can lead to a lifetime of obesity and chronic disease.

The Doctors: “Organ Ultimatum”

Game one was the Organ Ultimatum. We can see on the outside what eating poorly does, but the Organ Ultimatum let people see what goes on inside of you.

Former Tonight Show announcer Edd Hall was on hand to be the master of ceremonies.  Hall named off the rules for the Organ Ultimatum: After each question, each team had 20 seconds to pin the correct organ on the body. There were four questions, and the team with the fewest correct organs faced elimination.

Question One:

Eating too many sugary foods affects how much insulin this organ produces. What is the organ?

Question Two:

Because of excess body fat, this organ can scar and inflame in a state known as Steatohepatitis. What is the organ?

Question Three:

Due to excess body weight, this organ is compressed, making oxygen intake more difficult. What is the organ?

Question Four:

When obesity raises your cholesterol, this organ is most directly affected. What is the organ?

The Doctors: Insulin in Your Pancreas and Steatohepatitis

The answer to question one was the pancreas. The pancreas sits behind your stomach, right in the middle of your body. All of the teams got credit for their answer.

Question two’s answer was the liver. Your liver is in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen. Dr. Stork said that even though everyone’s livers were pinned too low, they had the right idea so he gave them all a point.

The Doctors: Obesity and Your Lungs, Cholesterol and Your Heart

Each team answered lungs for questions three, and they were correct. If you’re carrying extra weight in your abdomen, it presses up against your diaphragm and affects your lungs.

The answer to question four was the heart. When you eat foods that are high in cholesterol, over time the cholesterol in your bloodstream actually gets deposited in your arteries.

Dr. Stork showed a heart of a normal, healthy person that was about the size of a fist. He then showed the heart of someone with heart disease that was three times the size of the normal one. When your heart is carrying more weight, it can lead to high blood pressure.

The “Mission Slimpossible” and “No Country for Fat Men” teams were awarded a 4/4. To tiebreak between teams “Muffin Top Stoppers” and “Thin it to Win it,” there was an arm wrestling challenge. “Thin it to Win it” won the arm wrestling contest, eliminating the “Muffin Top Stoppers.”


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