The Drs: Tana Amen The Omni Diet Review & Soy Shown to Fight Cancer


The Doctors: Tana Amen The Omni Diet Review

Tana Amen said from the ages of four to 12 she had a lot of health issues and then in her 20s she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Amen told The Doctors she did everything she could to beat the cancer but even after three surgeries and treatments, the cancer kept coming back.

She said she felt completely alone after the cancer came back the third time, especially when the only thing her doctors told her was that she simply had “bad genetics.”


The Drs: Tana Amen The Omni Diet Review & Soy Shown to Fight Cancer

The Doctors talked with Tana Amen about The Omni Diet, a 70/30 diet she came up with after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

After hearing that, Amen knew she was the only person who actually cared about her health. She knew she needed to do something different with her lifestyle. We let food be the cause of disease, said Amen, but she believes food can be medicine.

Tana Amen Tipping Point After Cancer Diagnosis

Amen said the tipping point for her came when the doctor told her she had bad genetics and she should feel fortunate for all the medications she could take to help with the cancer.


“I was taking medication to deal with the side effects of medication,” she said. “I realized nobody was going to take my health as seriously as I did.”

The Doctors pointed out she must have been seeing a lot of doctors or had one really bad doctor because when you reach the point where you are prescribing medications to fix the side effects of other medications, it is time to take a timeout and reevaluate what the medications are for.

At that point in her life, Amen said she knew she needed to change her diet so she came up with The Omni Diet. She explained The Omni Diet is a 70/30 diet, meaning 70 percent of the diet is plants and the other 30 percent is protein. This type of diet promotes weight loss, since protein is great for weight loss, while also giving you all the nutrients you need through the plants. Amen made sure to let everyone know this is not an extreme diet. This is the type of diet you will stick with for the rest of your life.

Soy Shown To Fight Colon, Liver and Lung Cancer

Do you know which food can help you fight colon, liver and lung cancer? – Soy.

The Doctors said a recent study suggested soy could have some anti-cancer properties.


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