The Drs: Potato-Only Diet + Update After Skin Removal Surgery

The Doctors: Only Eating Potatoes For A Year?

Have you heard about the potato-only diet? One man in Melbourne, Australia chose to stick to the diet for an entire year. Not surprisingly, that decision got him some attention. The Doctors wondered if it was a good idea, so they welcomed the man via Skype from Australia, as the author of “The Starch Solution” Dr John McDougall, who is a believer in the diet. Andrew has been on the diet for a little over 40 days and said it’s going “fantastically well.”


Andrew said he felt fantastic and had a lot of energy, to the point that he was inspired to start exercising again. He’s lost 16 kilos so far which is more than 30 pounds in America. He eats just mashed, boil, or baked potatoes, without oil or fat. He also eats a small amount of herbs and spices as well as a scarce amount of sauces like tomato, chili, or barbecue sauce.

The Drs: Potato-Only Diet + Update After Skin Removal Surgery

One man is eating nothing but potatoes for an entire year, believing it will benefit his health. So what’s the real deal? (jamonation / Flickr)


The Doctors: Dieting With Potatoes

Dr McDougall said “if you go this route, you’ll be just fine.” He explained that human beings are starch-eaters, all over the world. Dr Rachael Ross argued that you can’t live off only the nutrient in potatoes and be healthy, but Dr McDougall said she was incorrect, citing an experiment that was done in 1928. A man and woman, both athletes, were put on an all-potato diet for six months. When they analyzed them physically, they found them to be in great health, and both athletes liked the diet enough to continue it.

Dr Travis Stork argued that the best diet will always be the diet that works best for you, although for him personally, it’s about a well-balanced diet of natural foods. Would you follow a potato-only diet if you doctor thought it could work for you?

The Doctors: Update On Man Who Lost More Than 200 Pounds

Next, Dr Stork reminded everyone of Tevante, who weighed 405 pounds at just 19 years of age. He was on the show a year ago discussing how he managed to lose 219 pounds the natural way, with a healthy diet and exercise. As the weight fell off, his life was changed and his self esteem went through the roof. The only thing he needed at that point was surgery to remove excess skin. The Doctors surprised him with a consultation with a plastic surgeon who agreed to do the surgery for free.

After meeting with Tevante, Dr Brian Coan cleared Tevante for surgery. The surgery was an absolute success, and Tevante was thrilled to show off the dramatic results! He shared how much more confident he was and how great it felt to be able to wear the clothes he wanted to. Dr Coan called Tevante a “superstar” before explaining that he performed a male breast reduction and a lower body lift at the same time.


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