The Drs: No Eating Diet Review & Can People Survive on Nutrients Alone


The Doctors: Man Experiments With No Eating Diet

Making a good diet plan for yourself can be hard to do. You have to find the right kinds of food. You need all the nutrients to make you feel healthy. You need to find a good balance in the amount of food. Basically, there are a lot of things to factor in with a good diet. Well, that is unless you are Rob Rhinehart. His solution to dieting was to stop eating altogether.

The Drs: No Eating Diet Review & Can People Survive on Nutrients Alone

Rob Rhinehart told The Doctors he was spending too much time eating food so he came up with a no eating diet where he only drank nutrients from supplements.


Rob Reinhart’s 30-Day No Eating Diet

24-year old Rob Rhinehart told The Doctors he used to eat as cheaply and conveniently as possible. This meant he was eating a lot of Ramen noodles, other types of pasta and occasionally eating fast food. He said food had become a big cost in life, a big inconvenience and it was not healthy for him. So, this recently graduated engineer began wondering if you need everything in food. Could it possible to just “eat” the bare essentials, meaning he just wanted the nutrients from the food.

“Based on my research, I put together a list of chemicals, mostly in powder form, that I call soylent,” Rhinehart explained. “I based it off of the FDA’s recommendations. I basically just went down the list of every essential nutrient that the body needs and the appropriate proportions.”

He spent the next 30 days without eating, opting to only drink his soylent. At the end of the 30 days, Rhinehart said he was sleeping better, he felt more focused and his overall health had increased dramatically.


Is It Possible To Survive Only Drinking Nutrients From Food?

The Doctors were a bit skeptical of the diet saying there are so many ingredients in different foods, like apples and oranges, that no one even knows about. Dr. Lisa Masterson also pointed out that the FDA recommendations for different supplements are always changing. Years ago people thought eating a lot of calcium was good but now the FDA is saying it is not as good as they thought.

Rhinehart rebutted saying the extra “stuff” in food could be bad for you. He said by not eating food and drinking his $1 a meal drinks, he was able to become healthier.

Rob Rhinehart Back To Eating Food

Rhinehart said he is eating food again now. He found that what he missed most about food was not the taste or the actually eating of food but the social interactions that come with a nice meal.


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