The Drs: Healthy Food Swaps To Slim Down + Wedgie Jeans?


The Doctors: Small Diet Changes, Big Weight Loss Success

Jorge Cruise, author of “Tiny and Full” joined the show to share his tips for making changes to your breakfast that can help you slim down. Jorge explained that he has done a lot of research for his clients, including research about fruits and the sugar in them. He explained that the real mistake would be eating too many high-calorie or processed foods, not eating fruit. He suggested you start your day with a vegan breakfast like a 60-calorie muffin made with garbonzo beans, chia seeds, and applesauce rather than eggs and dairy. The applesauce is what gives the muffin sweetness without the sugar and calories. A good vegan breakfast will fill you up while helping you slim down.


For lunch, you can enjoy a pizza, but make it a little differently. Because vegans make pizza without cheese, Jorge wanted to find a way to still get his clients the b12 that is found in cheese, because it’s important for energy. So he included real cheese, bacon, and instead of pizza dough, used a wheat flour tortilla. A wheat tortilla cuts the calories so much that you can eat the entire thing!

The Drs: Healthy Food Swaps To Slim Down + Wedgie Jeans?

Jorge Cruise explained why you should go vegan for breakfast to avoid going hungry while slimming down. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Jorge also shared that you can still eat a lasagna, so instead of getting rid of cheese, he used turkey instead of beef and zucchini slices instead of pasta. Just a few little swaps can make a big difference overall! As for dessert, instead of indulging in ice cream, puree frozen bananas, a little cream, and some strawberries for a healthy sweet treat loaded with fiber and nutrition! You can have two scoops for 100 calories!


The Doctors: Wedgie Jeans?

Would you believe that wedgie jeans are becoming a trend? Levi’s had created the antigue wedge fit, which are jeans with a higher waist to show off your rear end. It doesn’t give you a literal wedgie, but it could be tighter in order to give the booty a boost, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Comfort was the word of the day and you can use the word comfort on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Jennifer Adam’s home collection oversize throw or sheet set.

The Doctors: Accomodating Obese Airplane Passengers

For the Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that airplane passengers struggling with obesity have been the victims of bullying on blogs and Samoa air has charged them by their weight, using “XL class”, and have even been denied boarding. Now, aircraft maker Airbus has filed a patent application for a reconfigurable passenger bench that could fit three average-size passengers, two obese passengers, or two adults with two small children. The patent application doesn’t reference obese passengers, but instead those with mobility issues.

The Doctors: Nurse Working Under The Influence

A registered nurse has acknowledged that he drank as many as five beers before assisting in an emergency operation at a veteran’s hospital in Pennsylvania. The 59-year-old was charged with recklessly endangering another person, driving under the influence, and public drunkenness. Police say the nurse was responsible for preparing the patient for surgery and monitoring vital signs. An investigation found that the nurse had trouble logging into a computer and entered incorrect time stamps for the operation’s start and end time. The type of surgery wasn’t released, but it’s known that the patient was readmitted for abdominal pain.

The Doctors: Jack Of The Red Hearts

Actress AnnaSophia Robb portrays a teenage runaway in over her head, while pretending to be a caregiver for an autistic child in Jack of the Red Hearts. Autism hits close to home for the director of the movie, whose son is on the spectrum for the disorder.

The Doctors: Try Adding Egg To Your Soup

To transfer soup into a boring dish to a delectable delight, try adding an egg. It depends on the kind of soup, but you can try a poached or sunny-side-up egg in your broth for a creamy addition!


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