The Drs: Emotional Hunger & Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much


The Drs TV: Emotional Eating

Are you an emotional eater? It turns out that feeling deeply could actually be a barrier to weight loss, because it can stand in the way of your success and create a vicious cycle of weight gain that is hard to overcome. Find out how Colette Baron-Reid wants to help with her eight-week program for Emotional Hunger.

The Doctors: Empathy Overload

The Drs: Emotional Hunger & Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much

Escape emotional hunger traps with an eight-week program, Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much, by intuitive coach Colette Baron-Reid.


Colette Baron-Reid is an “intuitive coach” and the author of Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much. This is an eight-week program that is designed for emotional eaters.

Dr Lisa Masterson said that people sometimes dismiss the connection between emotion and weight. Empathy Overload, according to Baron-Reid, means we are constantly engaging with other people and their feelings, whether in real life or on social media.

The Drs TV: Are Your Emotions Making You Fat?

The Doctors talked about thinking thin and fostering positive self-thoughts earlier in the show. “We feel ashamed and we feel afraid when we can’t control our weight, so we have this constant low grade stress,” Baron-Reid said. Watch her advice.


The Drs: Chronic Stress Weight Gain

Thinking positive and working on self esteem can boost weight gain. Dr Travis showed the connection between stress and weight gain. Chronic stress can cause hormonal reactions in the body, boosting Cortisol and leading to fat storage.

Chronic Stress over a period of time can only compound the problem over a period of time. That means it could be harder to lose that extra weight you are putting on in the long term.

The Doctors: Colette Baron-Reid Diet & Emotional Hunger

Colette said she gained over 80 pounds in one month after her mother died, and she said it was not a result of overeating. Years later, she had another unexpected, unexplained weight gain, and she eventually figured out it was stress-related.

Here are some of Colette’s diet tips.

  • Consume a locally grown, plant-based diet
  • Limit stimulants and avoid processed foods
  • Eat high-fiber, filling fruits and vegetables
  • Think what you CAN eat, not what you CAN’T

The Drs TV: Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much Results

Out of 2000 students in her class, Baron-Reid said the average loss over eight weeks was 20 pounds. This is not a diet, but a new strategy for eating and lowering stress. You do not have to weigh yourself, but you do have to tackle the emotional components of body image.

“It’s not about hunger. It’s about emotional hunger,” she said.


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