The Drs: Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow Review & Food Side Effects


The Doctors: Hans Rueffert Food Side Effects

The Doctors wanted to explore how side effects have an impact on our daily lives, and one daily routine that we might not think about is food, which has its own side effects.

Chef Hans Rueffert Lost His Stomach and Esophagus to Cancer. He joined The Doctors to share some surprising side effects that could be in your daily diet.


The Drs TV: Food Side Effects

The Doctors: Food Side Effects

Chef Hans Rueffert shared ways to mitigate the side effects of eating spicy or fried foods.

“There’s this connection between what we eat and how we feel,” Hans explained. “If you eat fresh and vibrant foods, you feel fresh and vibrant,” he explained, as opposed to heavy, dense foods.

Living without a stomach means he has to be especially careful about what he eats and how it will affect his system. He mentioned that people commonly complain of upset stomach or diarrhea after eating acidic foods.


Heirloom Vs Hothouse Tomatoes

Chef Hans said that Heirloom Tomatoes, which come in a variety of shapes and colors, may have more nutritional value than the commonplace Hothouse Tomatoes. Some Heirloom Tomatoes are green when ripe, and they can be less acidic than their Hothouse cousins.

“Never trust a skinny chef, and never distrust an ugly tomato,” Hans said, “because honestly, the ugly ones sometimes are the best ones.”

Spicy Foods Side Effects

Chef Hans said adding spice to your foods doesn’t have to mean processed sauces that are loaded with sugar and vinegar. He said you can manage the PH balance of your foods by skipping the sauces and going to the fresh ingredients they’re based on, such as fresh peppers.

By removing the white rib from the inside of a pepper, you can control its intensity while still getting the flavor.

Spicy Foods Vs Cooling Foods

Chef Hans also recommended pairing spicy foods with cooling alternatives to balance them out. This can include Radishes, Yogurt, Apples, Cucumbers, or Fresh Basil, which will help your body better deal with spicy foods, which have health benefits of their own.

Dr. Travis said that Chef Hans, who lost 95% of his Esophagus, doesn’t have the Esophageal mechanisms that prevent most of us from experiencing reflux symptoms from spicy foods.

Fried Food Side Effects

As an alternative to fried foods, Chef Hans recommended healthier alternatives and options, such as grilling, braising, broiling, or baking your meats. You can use cracker crumbs to bread your meat, giving you the crunchy texture without the grease and calories of fried fast food.

Hans Rueffert: Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

Chef Hans Rueffert had much more to say about his experiences and his fresh approach to food. He put his thoughts into a book, called Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Click here to read Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow by Hans Rueffert.

The Doctors: Side Effects Warnings

Dr. Travis said that almost every medical treatment has some side effect. “Familiarize yourself with the potential side effects of medications or treatments,” he said, so you can work with your doctor to figure out a better solution for your personal case.


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