The Drs: Drop 10 Diet Review: Pumpkin Seeds & Sardines Health Benefits


The Doctors: Drop 10 Diet Review

Fish, salad, and yogurt are all popular foods that could help you lose weight. But there are some other weight loss secret foods that may surprise you, and to help unveil them, The Doctors invited Lucy Danziger, Self Magazine editor and author of The Drop 10 Diet. The foods included Pumpkin Seeds, Steak, Cherries, Parmesan Cheese and even Sardines.

“There are foods that we know are scientifically proven to help your body tap in to its natural fat burning and rev your metabolism, and some of them are pretty surprising,” Lucy Danziger said, noting that she’s kept off 25 pounds thanks to the lessons she shared in the book.


The Drs TV: Fresh Cherries

Drop 10 Diet: Pumpkin Seeds Vs Chips

The Drop 10 Diet shared surprising foods for weight loss, including the health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds Vs Chips when you're craving a salty snack.

Fresh Cherries have an antioxidant, Anthocyanin, which leads the body to burn more fat. It’s also what makes Cherries red. They are talking about tart cherries, which are also a good fiber source. Dr Lisa Masterson speculated that the taste would help to curb cravings. Lucy called them “nature’s candy.”

Dr Travis Stork recalled that Cherries help muscles use Glucose and Cherry Juice is a great drink for after your workout. Dr Jim Sears added that it fights inflammation, reduces muscle pain, and can even help you sleep better.


Drop 10 Diet: Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan has the highest calcium of any cheese, and one ounce of Parmesan cheese has the nutritional equivalence of a cup of Skim Milk. “That helps your body not store belly fat,” Lucy Danziger said. “Women who had 1200 mg actually lose five pounds and didn’t store belly fat.”

The salty, savory taste goes great with salad and pasta, or as a snack substitute. Plus, you’re getting the calcium benefits, and it’s low in lactose compared to some other cheeses.

The Doctors: Steak Builds Muscle

The Drop 10 Diet also recommends a 3.5 ounce steak, which has 21 grams of protein. Lucy recommended lean beef, maybe in a salad or with veggies. It’s also high in Iron, which is a key component in women’s diets, because it oxygenates muscles and fuels energy.

Dr Travis suggested steering toward grass fed beef and leaner cuts. Dr Ordon extolled beef’s beauty benefits from Zinc, which keeps the skin naturally smooth.

Drop 10 Diet: Pumpkin Seeds Vs Chips

You many only think of them during Jack-O-Lantern season, but Pumpkin Seeds have heart healthy fats, as well as protein and fiber. One ounce has the same Protein content as a cup of yogurt. You can roast them for a great tasting, healthy and affordable snack.

Dr Travis said many types of nuts are a great snack alternative to chips, and Dr Sears said certain nuts have cancer fighting properties. They can even fight headaches, as Lucy noted, because they contain Magnesium.

The Doctors: Sardines Health Benefits

Fish is a heart healthy food, but Lucy said some people don’t like Sardines. Dr Lisa loves Sardines, which are apparently one of the most perfect fish. They contain Calcium, Vitamin D, Omega 3s and Protein in one fish.

The health benefits include fighting depression and anxiety, as well as benefits for the eyes, joints, and skin. The only downside of canned fish is the potential for high sodium, so check the labels.

If you’re not a fan of Sardines, most other fish has beneficial Omega 3s. But with larger fish, you have to watch out for higher Mercury content.

I don’t know about Sardines, but the rest of these tips sound like great snack and meal ideas. Lucy said recipes are available on, and she even gave her entire audience her book, The Drop 10 Diet.


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