The Drs: Dr. Travis Shape House Sweat Lodge & Healthy Oatmeal Benefits


The Doctors: Dr. Travis At The Shape House Sweat Lodge

Dr. Travis Stork visited Los Angeles hot spot The Shape House for an interesting experiment in high-temperature health. The brand new “urban sweat lodge” wraps visitors in an infrared blanket for 55 minutes, eventually reaching a temperature of 158 degrees.

At first, Dr. Travis was pretty much comfortable. By about 30 minutes in, however, the heat was a bit too much to handle. By the time the treatment was complete, Dr. Travis was completely drenched in sweat. “I feel like I just took a shower,” he said.


Dr. Travis brought his colleagues the shirt he wore to the lodge just to prove that sweat doesn’t really smell when it’s dried properly. That, I could have done without! But while Dr. Travis did enjoy the experience overall, he stressed the importance of checking with your doctor before you undergo something so intense.

The Drs: Dr. Travis Shape House Sweat Lodge & Healthy Oatmeal Benefits

The Doctors evaluated the benefits of an urban sweat lodge, healthy oatmeal toppings and more.


The Drs: Benefits Of Healthy Oatmeal

Do you eat your oatmeal with brown sugar? Oatmeal is a delicious and healthy breakfast option, but with the wrong toppings, it can become a bit too decadent. Dr. Jim Sears set up a taste test to prove that brown sugar isn’t the only tasty topping option for oatmeal.

In his study, Dr. Sears found that most people liked maple syrup and cinnamon on their oatmeal, rather than molasses or brown sugar. Three out of four children chose cinnamon, which could save them up to 3650 grams of sugar each year.

The benefits of healthy oatmeal include lowering blood pressure, fewer calories and the addition of zinc and magnesium. So get rid of that brown sugar, stat!

The Doctors: Makeup Removal & Baby Teeth Audience Questions

Later, The Doctors played a quick game featuring audience questions. Each doctor had 30 seconds to answer a question, which ranged in topics from baby teeth to removing makeup. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that makeup can be worn all day, as long as it’s taken off before bed. Dr. Sears revealed that most often, baby teeth that never fall out should be removed. It was pretty hard to answer complete health questions in just 30 seconds, though.


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