The Drs: Dangerous Black Henna Tattoos & Katy Perry Promotes Mushrooms


The Doctors: Black Henna Tattoos Not Real Or Safe

To anyone about to get a henna tattoo today, you might want to read this before you get it done. The Doctors say henna tattoos might be beautiful works of art but they can also be dangerous. They explained that there are two kinds of henna tattoos, the real ones, which look black with a hint of red, and fake henna tattoos, called black henna tattoos. While regular henna tattoo ink is made from the natural extract of a flowering paint, black henna tattoo ink comes from a chemical called p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

The Doctors said anyone who has had a black henna tattoo ran the risk of having a severe allergic reaction to the ink. They said PPD can lead to dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin. This happened to one boy who was having his hair colored by a professional hair stylist, using the same dye used for black henna tattoos. When the ink hit his scalp, it was only a matter of minutes because he had a reaction to the dye and his skin started to become inflamed.


The Drs: Rene Gets Rash From Black Henna Tattoo

The Doctors talked with one woman, Rene, who said she was a victim of a reaction from the black henna tattoo she got on her back. Rene told The Doctors she was on vacation in Cabo when she decided to get a henna tattoo. About 15 minutes after she was done getting the tattoo, the tattoo began to itch and burn. By the next day it was a bright red rash. Thankfully she was able to make a full recovery but she still wants others to be cautious.

The Doctors: Super Foods Promoted By Celebrities

A lot of foods these days have gone from being ordinary food to super food. From books being written about super foods to celebrities tweeting about their favorite super food that keeps them active, it can be hard to tell who is being sincere and who is getting paid the big bucks to say a certain food has been elevated to super status.


The Drs: Dangerous Black Henna Tattoos & Katy Perry Promotes Mushrooms

The Doctors went over the dangers of black henna tattoos, the difference between real henna tattoos and fake henna tattoos and super foods that are healthy. (s_bukley /

The Doctors looked at some celebrities who have been promoting certain foods to find out if they are actually super foods.

The Drs: Victoria Beckham Eats Avocados Every Day

Victoria Beckham has said she eats avocados all the time and even uses them as a face mask for her skin. But is an avocado really a super food? The Doctors said avocados are certainly super foods. They have a ton of nutrients, they are great for face masks and the good fats in the food help fight against heart disease.

The Doctors: Carrie Ann Inaba Loves Quinoa

Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars, is always tweeting about quinoa and The Doctors thought that was awesome. They all agreed that quinoa is a super food because it is packed full of amino acids and it has a lot of fiber, along with protein and magnesium.

The Drs TV: Katy Perry Promotes the Benefits Of Mushrooms

Katy Perry has said before mushrooms are partly responsible for her body. She said she eats them every day to stay healthy and to keep her body looking healthy. While The Doctors agreed mushrooms are excellent for you health, they cautioned everyone to only eat mushrooms from the store since there are so many poisonous mushrooms in the wild.

Lastly, Dr. Travis Stork pointed out that celebrities have been shown to have an impact on what your children eat. He said it is always good to see who is influencing them and making sure they are eating healthy all the time.


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