The Drs: Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice & Dr Stork Better Body Secrets


Dr Travis Stork’s Secrets To a Better Body

The Drs: Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice & Dr Stork Better Body Secrets

Dr. Travis Stork took over the May 15 2013 episode of The Doctors to talk about his better body secrets and to reveal the benefits of cold pressed juice.

The Doctors let Dr. Travis Stork take the reins for their May 15 2013 episode so he could share his secrets to a better body. He called on the help of four different experts, Dr. Mark Adickes, trainer Jessie Pavelka, Dr. Melina Jampolis and trainer Ashley Borden, to help him reveal all his secrets.


Cold Pressed Juice Better Than Normal Juice

The first health secret Dr. Stork looked at was the benefits of cold pressed juice. He explained a lot of juice bars have started cold pressing their juice because it stops the juice from pasteurizing and instead uses a hydraulic press to squeeze the juice with 10,000 pounds of pressure.

Pressed Juicery founder Hayden Slater said cold pressing juice is more beneficial for your health because it extracts 100 percent more nutrients and enzymes from the juice than a normal juicer.

Slater explained when a person cold presses juice they use a special machine that first turns the fruit into pulp and the pulp is then pressed with 10,000 pounds of pressure to extract the juice.


Dr Travis Stork: Cold Pressed Juice

Dr. Jambolis said when making a cold pressed juice make sure to add some type of greens to the juice because just one serving a day of greens can lower your risk of diabetes by 14 percent.

While juicing can be great, Ashley Borden reminded everyone that they need to have a balanced diet in order to be healthy. Just drinking juice is not going to help you lose weight or become healthier.

Dr. Stork tried his hand at using a cold press juicer but he had a little trouble. You can see how the cold pressed juicer works in the video below. It is one crazy device. As for the juice itself, The Doctors didn’t have any recipes on the show but Dr. Oz has been talking about beets lately, saying they can lower blood pressure up to 10 points. You might want to think about putting some beets in your next juice.


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