The Drs: Beach Body Challenge, Tony Horton’s P90X & Shakeology


The Drs: Overweight Ferry Passengers

Washington’s ferries are being burdened with more overweight passengers. It’s actually led the Coast Guard to change the capacity on some ferry boats from an average of 140 to 160. But now, the average is 185, which means they had to lower the maximum number of passengers per boat.

What does this mean for cruise ships? With endless all-inclusive buffets, those passengers are gaining weight while on the boat.


Dr. Jim Sears said the previous Coast Guard regulations were determined in 1960, so this change has happened over several decades.

The Doctors: P90X Tony Horton

The key to success in a workout program is finding a routine that you enjoy doing.

The Doctors: Beach Body Challenge

Beach Body is the company behind the popular at-home fitness and diet system P90X. The company’s CEO, Carl Daikeler, and the face of P90X, Tony Horton, were in the audience.


Carl explained that Team Beach Body is a program that gives people a free coach and puts them in groups to keep them accountable.

The Beach Body Challenge gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to keep clients and customers motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

More information on Team Beach Body is online at

The Doctors: Tony Horton P90X

Carl and Tony shared a video from Downtown Los Angeles, outside the Staples Center, where 2,500 Beach Body fans participated in a massive outdoor workout.

“They’re helping solve this obesity crisis, which is killing us, so let’s get more people involved,” Tony Horton said.

Rev Abs Trainer Brett Hoebel said, “It’s like the ripple effect. You start with yourself. Your friend comes, your neighbor comes, your community comes, and you start changing people.”

I have to admit that I actually started P90X for the first time. I’m at the end of my second week, and it’s intense, but I can already tell I’m more flexible and in better shape than when I started. I’ve also developed an addiction to protein shakes.

The Doctors: Tony Horton Workout

Back in the studio, Tony Horton showed The Doctors a move from the workouts that is easy to try at home.

Tony Horton: Super Skater Exercise

  1. Put all your weight on your left foot, lifting the right leg in the air behind you.
  2. Bend over and engage the quad muscles.
  3. Then bring the knee forward in front of you.
  4. Then repeat, using your arms for balance.
  5. Tony recommended 20 reps on each leg.

Exercising At Your Own Pace

“The reason why P90X is so successful is because there’s an extreme move and something in between, and something very, very modified,” Tony Horton said. He demonstrated how the exercises can be modified to make them easy for anyone to get into. You can intensify your exercises at your own pace.

“The key to any workout is, you have to progress,” Dr. Travis said.

The Doctors: Shakeology Review

Carl gave away a free copy of P90X and a month of Shakeology shakes to the studio audience. You can click here to purchase P90X.

Dr. Travis said it’s important to find a fitness regimen that “works for you, because if you hate doing something, you’re not going to do it over the long term. What works for your husband or best friend may not be right for you.”


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