The Drs: Average Growth, High Fashion Dangers & Negative Calorie Foods


The Doctors: When Does the Average Person Stop Growing?

The Drs: Average Growth, High Fashion Dangers & Negative Calorie Foods

Eating negative calorie foods such as celery can help increase your metabolism.

On a height-themed episode, The Doctors received a message asking when the average person stops growing, and it was signed “Tiny.” Dr. Jim Sears explained that growth depends on when a person starts puberty. Typically, someone will begin puberty around 9, 10 or 11. Girls usually reach their adult height between the ages of 14-15, while boys typically stop growing at 16.


The Drs: 7’8″ Harlem Globetrotter Paul “Tiny” Sturgess

As it turns out, “Tiny” wasn’t just an anonymous viewer, but The Doctors’ next guest. Paul “Tiny” Sturgess is a member of the famous Harlem Globetrotters and the tallest player in history at 7’8” tall. Even Dr. Travis Stork looked like a toddler in comparison.

Tiny – whose father and mother stand at 6’7” and 5’5” respectively – grew an entire foot at the age of 15. Understandably, it took a while for Tiny to become comfortable with his body. He was lucky to have supportive friends and family around him, but his advice to other children of extreme height was to embrace being different.

Dr. Travis piggybacked onto Dr. Sears and could still barely reach Tiny’s height. The Doctors and Tiny then played a game of two-on-two basketball, which wasn’t exactly fair. Tiny doesn’t even need to reach in order to touch the basket!


The Doctors: Negative Calorie Foods

Have you ever heard of negative calorie foods? In order to achieve a high metabolism, The Doctors recommend eating certain healthy foods. These are foods that don’t add calories, but actually burn calories while you’re eating them.

Celery, carrots, tomatoes, ruffage and watermelon are negative calorie foods that are all loaded with fiber to keep you full. These foods contain less calories than the amount they burn digesting them.

Dr. Sears also recommends adding cayenne pepper to your breakfast foods for a quick metabolism boost. Also, try drinking ice water because you can potentially burn 500 calories per week. The water will help you stay full and the body will burn calories trying to warm it up.

The Drs: Skinny Jeans & Hair Dye Dangers

Dr. Lisa Masterson also shared some “high fashion” dangers. Did you know that high waisted skinny jeans can put you at risk for nerve damage, blood clots and even fertility problems? If your jeans are super tight, be sure to alternate between skinny jeans and a looser cut.

Also, try coloring your hair less often in order to stay healthy. A study from USC found that women who use hair dye once a month were twice as likely to develop bladder cancer. It’s recommended that women wait at least 6-8 weeks between visits to the salon.

Interestingly, it’s been shown that high heels may actually decrease the risk of knee arthritis. However, they need to be the right height – not those five inch platforms. To measure your ideal heel height, sit in a chair, extend one leg out, and flex your toe. Measure an imaginary line between your toe and the heel, and that length should be the height of your shoes. For Dr. Lisa, it was about 1.5 inches. Check out Dr. Lisa’s tips in the video below.


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