The Doctors: Hidden Dangers of Fast Foods & How Soda Affects Teeth


The Doctors: How Fast Food Affects Your Liver

The Doctors: Hidden Dangers of Fast Foods & How Soda Affects Teeth

The Doctors were joined by Dr Karent Sierra for a discussion on hidden fast food dangers and the effects of soda on teeth.

Dr. Karent Sierra is a cosmetic dentist and star of The Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo. Dr Sierra joined The Doctors for a very important show that detailed some pretty shocking hidden fast food dangers.


Like Dr. Sierra, is fast food “a guilty pleasure” for you, or is it a more substantial part of your diet? If you answered the latter, then you’ll want to pay close attention. Dr. Travis Stork discussed a study that showed how damaging fast food can be to your liver. Over the course of four weeks with two fast food meals per day, the fatty deposit buildup on the liver was staggering. “That’s why fast food addiction is the cause of long term problems,” Dr Travis said.

If possible, Dr. Lisa Masterson’s find could be even worse. It’s been proven that fast food customers will ingest 12 hairs – from places other than your head – each year.

The Drs: How Soda Affects Teeth

Dr Sierra then explained how soda affects teeth. The popular fast food beverage contains high amounts of phosphoric acid, which dissolves calcium in the enamel and causes tooth decay. Like Dr Travis, Dr Sierra suggested sipping on water throughout the day instead.


The Doctors: Sugar and Anti-Freeze Ingredient In Fast Food

And the hits just keep on coming! Dr. Jim Sears revealed that fast food salads – which are mistakenly thought of as a healthier fast food choice – actually contain an ingredient that’s also found in Anti-Freeze. While Anti-Freeze is completely toxic, this ingredient has been classified as “generally” safe, which doesn’t sound so convincing if you ask me.

Plus, there could be high amounts of sugar in those delicious, golden brown french fries. In addition to salt and fat, many french fries are fried with sugar to make them crispy and golden in color.

Dr Travis: Fast Food Increases Risk Of Asthma In Children

Dr Travis also shared a study that proved 13-14-year-olds were 40% more likely, while and 6-7-year-olds were 20% more likely likely to suffer from asthma if they ate fast food regularly. When a child is obese, he is twice as likely to suffer from asthma. If these reasons aren’t enough to make you skip the drive-thru dinner, I don’t know what will.


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