The Doctors: Yonanas Review & Cinnamon Coffee Swap


The Doctors: Yonanas Review & Cinnamon Swap

Getting thin this summer doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. The Doctors enlisted Richard Simmons and shared Cupcake Secrets, Green Coffee Beans, a Coronary Artery Scan and even Water Workouts. But there are still a couple more summer secrets to learn about. Get the team’s Yonanas Review and Cinnamon Coffee Swap.

The Drs: Bananas Health Benefits

Would you believe that one of the final weight loss secrets is something you already know about? It’s Bananas, and the team explained some of their many health benefits.


Bananas are high in Potassium, which rebuilds muscles and aids protein synthesis. It’s also high in electrolytes, so it’s great after a workout to keep your body fueled. “It’s a great snack alternative,” Dr Travis Stork said.

Yonanas Review: Banana Ice Cream Maker

The Drs: Yonanas Review & Cinnamon Swap

The Doctors shared a Yonanas review of the frozen fruit ice cream machine and shared the health benefits of switching to cinnamon in your coffee.

If you’re not a fan of the natural way of consuming Bananas, you’re not alone. “Sometimes I get a little weirded out with the banana texture, so how about bananas that are like ice cream that you can make yourself?” Dr Lisa Masterson said.


She demonstrated how you insert a frozen banana into the machine, which turns it into Yonanas Ice Cream. The audience was excited about trying it out, and waiters gave everyone samples to try.

The Doctors team said it was sweet, even though nothing was added. Everyone in the studio received a Yonanas machine to make healthy frozen desserts at home.

“Finally a guilt free dessert,” Dr Travis Stork said. “This is so tasty!”

The Doctors: Cinnamon Coffee Swap

There was still one big weight loss surprise left to be revealed. The final ingredient was Cinnamon, and Dr Jim Sears shared the answer about how this can turn your daily routine around.

“Swap out cream and sugar for cinnamon in your morning cup of joe,” he said. It cuts calories and increases your Glucose metabolism to burn fat faster. He uses Cinnamon in place of many other spices.

The Drs: Cinnamon Health Benefits

“Instead of the morning cup of coffee with tons and tons of sugar, try cinnamon,” Dr Travis agreed. “It stabilizes insulin levels. This is good stuff in a day and age where so many of us are getting diabetes.”


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