The Doctors TV Show: Junk Food Diet & Professor Mark Haub


The Doctors TV Show discussed the ever-so-popular topic of the Junk Food Diet today.  Mark Haub, professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, was on The Drs TV Show to talk about what started as a class project but has recently been all over the media.

The Doctors: Junk Food Diet

Professor Mark Haub used to eat 2600 calories every day, but on the Junk Food Diet he decreased his calorie intake to 1800 The Doctos TV Junk Food Dietcalories per day.  An example of what he would eat every day is as follows:


– 2 Nutty Bars and a mocha cappuccino

– a glass of whole milk

– sugary corn flake cereal and a bag of snack food


– a powdered doughnut, celery and either coffee or a diet soda

– a Twinkie type of cake snack

And here is the shocking bit – Professor Mark Haub went from a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 28.8 to 24.9.  He lost 27 pounds and his body fat went from 33.4% to 24.9%.  Even his LDL Cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) went down and the HDL Cholesterol (the healthy cholesterol) went up!

The Doctors: Does The Junk Food Diet Work?

Clearly the Junk Food Diet worked for Mark Haub.  However, Dr Travis Stork pointed out that he did not eat the Junk Food Diet that most Americans eat.  He did have some fats, but also protein in milk and protein shakes.  If you just go on a straight Junk Food Diet that has no fiber or protein, then you will not feel satisfied at all and will always be hungry.  Professor Haub said that 2/3 of his calories did come from saturated fats though.  Dr Travis Stork said that perhaps the takeaway is that having one snack will not blow away your diet.  The biggest issue is when you start depending on junk food and you start craving them more and more.  As long as you get the necessary nutrients, if you limit your calories, you will lose weight.


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