The Doctors: Traveling Increases BMI & BPA Causes Type 2 Diabetes?


The Doctors: Traveling Increases BMI

Traveling, missing connections, being in airports and being on the road releases stress hormones. These stress hormones make you crave high energy, high sugar foods. Eating poorly coupled with long periods of inactivity while traveling can lead to weight gain. A Columbia University study found the longer you’re away from home, the wider your waistline and BMI. That means traveling increases BMI.

Dr. Jim Sears said that ordering room service when you’re tired after a long day of traveling can also cause weight gain, not to mention that eating a big meal late at night isn’t too great for your body either.


The Doctors: Work Out While Traveling

The Doctors: Traveling Increases BMI & BPA Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

If you’re a frequent traveler, try to eat a healthy meal before you arrive at the airport so you can avoid making a poor food choice before a long flight.

Dr. Travis Stork said to try to get to the airport early so that you aren’t stressed out and rushing. He likes to walk around the airport before a flight to get in some last-minute exercising. You should also try to utilize your hotel’s gym and get a morning workout in.

He also recommends making cocktail hour about networking, not drinking. Also, if you’re a frequent traveler you should look for a big chain gym to join so that no matter where you are, you have a place to work out.


Travelers need to remember that they’re not on vacation, so they shouldn’t be eating like they are. Dr. Sears likes to pack his bathing suit and goggles and swim laps in the hotel pool. You could also pack The Doctors AquaBells Water Weights, which they reviewed on a previous show.

The Doctors: BPA Type 2 Diabetes Risk & Weight Gain

Bisphenol A (BPA) is in everything from plastic water bottles to fertilizers to receipts. In Canada it’s banned from use in baby bottles, and has been declared a toxic substance.

A recent study shows that BPA is making us fatter–even a tiny bit of BPA can trick our bodies into making more fat cells. This also causes excess insulin to be produced, causing Type II Diabetes. Dr. Stork called BPA a hormone disrupter. Once it’s in your system, it can throw things out of whack. When BPA causes too much insulin to be produced, this signals your body to store more fat.

Dr. Sears said that BPAs are stored in plastic, so don’t microwave food that’s stored in plastic containers–use glass instead. Don’t buy food in plastic pouches. Don’t reuse your plastic water bottles–they aren’t made to be reused and the plastic will start to break down and release BPA. Instead, purchase a water bottle that is designed for reuse.

Check your labels – many new plastics are being made without BPA.


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