The Doctors: The P.I.N.K. Method & 3 Phases Of Success


The P.I.N.K. Method Review

Rachel has lost 60 pounds since beginning The P.I.N.K. Method diet and exercise program. Dr. Travis Stork talked about the dangerous, biochemically active belly fat that was seen in Rachel’s before picture. He said that losing that fat makes you look and feel better.

The Doctors TV Show: The PINK Method

Jenna got into a car accident 11 years ago and woke up with brain damage and a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. She discovered that daily movement and dietary changes make managing her diabetes easier. Now she is inspiring others as the Phase 1 trainer for The P.I.N.K. Method.


The Doctors: The PINK Method & 3 Phases Of Success

Author Cynthia Pasquella and trainers from The P.I.N.K. Method showed off the program's three-phase process.

While she loves training others, Jenna said that it is up to individuals to love themselves and want to see the changes in their bodies. She said one of her goals was to get people out of their comfort zones in her workouts.

“In Phase 1, you really are building a strong base, and I really focus a lot on working the bigger muscles, so you’re burning a lot more calories,” Jenna said.


The Doctors: P.I.N.K. Method Video

Brittany lost 20 pounds thanks in part to Jenna’s inspiration in The P.I.N.K. Method training videos. Brittany said that she felt like Jenna was in her living room cheering her on. She so appreciated Jenna’s motivation that she didn’t want to graduate from Phase 1 of the program.

The P.I.N.K. Method: Phase 1 Workout

You burn more calories by combining upper and lower body exercise. Trainer Jenna demonstrated jumping jacks using weights. She explained that the training exercises give users modification options so they can work up to doing the exercises.

The P.I.N.K. Method – Phase 2 Workout

“You have this body for the rest of your life, so you have to decide how you’re going to take care of it,” said Lisa, the Phase 2 trainer for The P.I.N.K. Method. Users praised Lisa’s motivational techniques and her own story of staying fit as the mother of three children.

“I wanted to design a workout that you hit as many body parts as possible,” Lisa said. She explained that this includes cardio, upper body, lower body, and ab workouts. She said that if you do the work, it will pay off when you see the results.

The P.I.N.K. Method Workout Review

Trainer Lisa said she combines classics like push ups with some newer techniques. She demonstrated something that is a combination of the yoga plank position and is influenced by her experience as a kung fu brown belt. “You’re going to get strong and lean. You just have to commit to it,” Lisa said.

How The Color P.I.N.K. Can Help You Lose Weight

The Doctors learned more about The P.I.N.K. Method exercise and nutrition program, hearing success and weight loss stories from viewers. Then it was time to learn about Phase 3 of the program.

The P.I.N.K. Method Trainers

“I’d always been a classical dancer, but I didn’t know about eating in order to keep your body healthy for your entire life,” Basheerah said. She fell in love with fitness education during college and has a master’s degree in exercise science, as well as certifications in nutrition, personal training, and group exercise.

Users praised her ability to connect with them through the training videos. Basheerah said her name means “one who brings good news and joy” and she feels like she got that name for a reason, because she likes to see people who are happy and enjoying their quality of life.

P.I.N.K. Method Workout Phase 3

Phase 3 is about taking your workouts a little bit further. Basheerah started with a plie, pulling her elbow into her waist. This works not only lower body and upper body, but also oblique muscles. She said you can make it even more challenging by adding a jumping move to your reps. Working your obliques can prevent love handles.

The P.I.N.K. Method: Cheyanne’s Story

Cheyanne was always heavier than her friends. She felt like guys didn’t notice her and would choose her over her friends. She said she quickly lost 10 pounds on The P.I.N.K. Method and is excited to see what the future holds.

Cheyanne said she was at a plateau, but this system helped her push through the plateau. Her goal weight is 150 pounds. Dr. Travis Stork said getting there in a healthy way is key to success. Cynthia Pasquella said they would be following her journey on

Where To Buy The P.I.N.K. Method

The system is not available in bookstores, but can be found on the Pink Method website or You can also click here to purchase The P.I.N.K. Method.

The P.I.N.K. Method Giveaway

Dr. Travis Stork announced that Cynthia Pasquella is giving away a free copy of The P.I.N.K. Method to everyone in the studio audience.


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