The Doctors: Stress Induced Weight Gain and 10 Second Slim Down Tricks


The Doctors: Stress & Anxiety Lead to Weight Gain

Studies show that 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress and anxiety, including weight gain. Before the show, The Doctors searched for someone that they could help to fix their unwanted stress.

The found Amanda, who got married nine months ago. She made her dress, invitations and cake. She’s also moved six times in the last nine months and has had a stress induced weight gain of 20 pounds.


Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Lisa Masterson had a five minute prescription to calm Amanda down. Dr. Stork showed her a copy of his book, The Lean Belly Prescription, and said that slowly over time Amanda has been gaining weight from all the traveling and stress.

The Doctors: Stress Induced Weight Gain and Menopause

Massages are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. The Doctors treated viewer Amanda and all audience members to free massages from Massage Envy Spa.

The Doctors: 10 Second Slimdowns

Here are Dr. Stork’s 10 second slim down tricks:

  • Before every meal, drink an eight ounce glass of water. Studies have shown that if you drink eight ounces of water before a meal you may consume 20% less calories.
  • When you’re craving a snack while traveling, go for a handful of unsalted, dry roasted nuts. Proteins keep you feeling full, and they’re good for your heart. Whenever you’re eating a meal, make sure it has some sort of protein in it
  • There was a study that said that people who limited their carbs to 40% of what they were taking in were actually happier. Also, people who slashed 100 calories a day from their diets saved $175 a year.

The Doctors: Massages for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Dr. Stork said that you need to be conscious of your choices while traveling because it’s a cycle. Dr. Masterson sent Amanda backstage to receive a relaxing massage from Massage Envy Spa.

The massage therapist said the best stress and anxiety busting massages go right to where you hold all your stress. Amanda said they were going to need to completely check her out because she wasn’t sure where she holds hers. Everyone in the audience was awarded a free massage from Massage Envy.

The Doctors: Menopause Weight Gain

Dr. Stork asked the audience what they thought the time of your life was when you were most likely to gain weight – A) Puberty B) Menopause C) Post-Menopause. 63% said menopause, and Dr. Masterson said they were absolutely right.

She said she gets a lot of patients that say they feel like they’re gaining weight when they enter into menopause, and she said hormonal changes that cause increased fat around the belly are to blame. Losing estrogen, progesterone and muscle mass also don’t help.

Dr. Masterson recommends working with your doctor on taking hormones, exercising and eating right.



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