The Doctors: My Trak, Journey Gym Review & Cat Cora’s Exotic Foods


The Doctors: Cat Cora’s “Diagnose the Spoon” Game

Iron Chef and host of Around the World in 80 Plates Cat Cora stopped by The Doctors with a special food game for Dr. Travis Stork.

Cora brought some exotic foods from her travels that are packed with protein, low-fat and low-calorie. Dr. Stork chose two audience members to assist him with his challenge.


Cora invited the participants to taste the food and “diagnose the spoon.”

The Doctors: Mexican Corn Smut and German Blood Sausage

The Doctors: My Trak, Journey Gym Review & Cat Cora's Exotic Foods

Celebrity chef Cat Cora got Dr. Travis Stork to sample some exotic, healthy delicacies: blood sausage and corn smut. (Helga Esteb /

After eating the first spoon, the girls said it was crunchy and like a bread, and Dr. Stork spit his out. What was the mystery meal on the spoon? Corn smut quesadilla from Mexico.


Pustules on the corn cobs break open and grow a fungus on the corn, which allows the corn to grow new nutrients. The nutrients are filled with Lysine, something our bodies need but don’t make.

The last spoon brought guesses of beef or corned beef hash. Dr. Stork didn’t spit his out this time, and it was revealed that everyone ate blood sausage, or blood pudding. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

This German dish involves taking pork meat and putting it together with blood, gelatin and spices. The meal is low-carb, high-protein and perfect from your diet.

Cat sent the audience home with heart-healthy olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olives from her Cat Cora’s Kitchen line.

The Doctors: Jake Steinfeld and the Hunger Games Winners

Fitness guru Jake Steinfeld lent a hand for the last challenge of the Hunger Games: Doctors Style. Jake was one of 22 Americans that carried the torch before the Olympic Games. He also recently released a novel called Take a Shot.

Mike from “Mission Slimpossible” and Jill from “Muffin Top Stoppers” faced off in a physical challenge. The first person to complete 10 burpies would be crowned the winner of the Hunger Games: Doctors Style.

Mike and his wife Charlene were named the winners and will head off to the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa for seven days and six nights.

The other three teams were not left out, and they will spend four days and three nights at the Cal-a-Vie health spa in Vista, California.

The Doctors: MyTrak Personal Health Coach and Journey Gym Reviews

Dr. Stork’s first weight loss essential is keeping track of how much you’re moving throughout the day. He recommended the MyTrak Personal Health Coach, which is like a mini personal trainer, and sent everyone in the audience home with one.

He also named the Journey Gym as a must have because it cuts out the excuse that you can’t work out – you can just bring the gym with you! Everyone is the audience also got to take a Journey Gym home.


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