The Doctors: Married Vs Single Weight Gain & Splitting Entrees


The Doctors: Is Your Spouse Gaining Weight Because of You?

Are the things you choose to eat making your spouse fat? Dr. Stork set out to answer the question, “Are you more likely to be fat if you’re single or married?”

According to Dr. Stork, if you have a friend or a spouse that overeats, they could be the culprit. Studies have shown that if the people you eat with overeat, you’re 57% more likely to overeat too.


The Doctors: Married Vs Single Weight Gain

Dr. Stork invited two audience couples up for the game “Blame Your Mate for What You Ate.”

The Doctors: Married Vs Single Weight Gain & Splitting Entrees

If your husband or wife overeats, you’re 57% more likely to as well. Try splitting an entree when dining out to curb overeating.

The first couple, Morris and Phyllis, have been married for 35 years and said they still feel like newlyweds (awww!). The only problem is that Morris sabotages Phyllis’ diet. The other couple was Leah and Aria, who have been together 13 years. Leah said she has put on 12 pounds since they got married in April.


Before the show, the doctors asked them food related questions about their partner. Each couple received one point for a correct answer.

The Doctors: Eating Out Weight Gain

Dr. Stork asked Morris and Aria, “How many times a week does your wife suggest eating out?” Morris said none and Phyllis said once or twice a week. Aria said a few times, maybe three or four, and Leah said twice.

The Doctors: Healthiest Restaurant Desserts

Then the ladies were asked, “When you’re out to eat, who is more likely to order dessert and what do they order?” Phyllis said it was easy because Morris loves his baked goods, but Morris answered neither. Leah said she was more likely to order dessert and it would be something with chocolate, which Aria had correct, so they were awarded a point.

Dr. Stork asked the men, “If your spouse is eating their favorite food, does she persuade you to eat it always, sometimes or never?” Morris said sometimes and Phyllis said always. Aria said never, and Leah said sometimes.

The Doctors: Splitting Entrees Prevents Overeating

The last question was, “How often does your spouse encourage you to engage in physical activity?” Phyllis said Morris tells her to get up and exercise five-seven times a week, and Morris said four times. Dr. Stork said they were pretty close, so he gave them the point.

Leah said Aria encourages her two-three times a week, but Aria said only once. The game ended in a tie, and each couple was treated to a massage from Massage Envy Spa.

Dr. Stork said that if you are going out to eat, you should eat something with protein in it, like nuts, a few hours before so you won’t overeat at the restaurant. He also said you should eat an appetizer as your main portion or split an entree. My husband and I split entrees at restaurants pretty frequently.


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