The Doctors: Losing Baby Weight & How To Avoid Food Poisoning


The Doctors: Losing Baby Weight

The Doctors met with Sue, a viewer with a very common problem: losing baby weight. Eleven months after having her second child, she can’t get rid of her baby belly bulge. Sue is 40-years-old, eats healthy meals and exercises daily. However, her giant sweet tooth could be standing in the way of dropping the pounds.

The Doctors discussed ways to curb cravings in order to lose baby weight, and how to avoid food poisoning.

The Doctors discussed ways to curb cravings in order to lose baby weight and how to avoid food poisoning.


Sue has heard that if you don’t lose baby weight within the first year, you’ll never lose it. She wanted to know if her love of sweets could be an issue in helping her meet her goals.

The Drs: Sweet Dessert Alternatives

Dr. Travis Stork explained that it’s the primitive areas of your brain that make us want to eat delicious foods. These areas become flooded with dopamine at the thought of our favorite foods like dessert. The key to curbing these cravings is to trick your brain into thinking that healthy foods are good for you.

The Doctors treated Sue to an indulgent buffet of desserts like key lime pie and chocolate cheesecake. However, the chocolate cake alone was 940 calories. Instead, Dr. Travis suggests creating lower calorie alternatives, such as yogurt based foods. Yogurt is especially good for you because it contains probiotics and protein. This way, your craving will be satisfied, but you’re eating fewer calories. Also try substituting milk chocolate for dark chocolate.


Also, Sue should not worry about losing the baby weight in a rush. “There is absolutely no time limit,” Dr. Lisa Masterson emphasized.

The Doctors: How To Avoid Food Poisoning

Anyone whose ever had food poisoning knows how awful and painful it can be. Here are The Doctors’ top three tips for avoiding food poisoning and keeping foods bacteria-free.

  1. Clean all cutting boards with an anti-bacterial solution that contains thyme oil. Thyme oil is 99.9 percent effective in killing harmful bacteria, including E coli.
  2. Don’t keep food out of the fridge for more than two hours, because that’s when bacteria will begin to grow.
  3. Keep fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy in separate drawers or shelves in your refrigerator to avoid cross-contamination. Also use separate cutting boards for different foods.


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