The Doctors: Lighter Burger & Chocolate Truffles + “Blow-Tox”


The Doctors: Zero Belly Cookbook

The Doctors brought back David Zinczenko, author of “Zero Belly Cookbook,” to show how you can make bad foods good for you. David explained that the zero belly diet is about being easy and effective. He had people losing 20 pounds and 4 inches in just six weeks, but they wanted more recipes, which is where his cookbook comes in. The concept is that you can still eat foods considered bad, but make them good.


For breakfast, it’s important to intake protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Rather than traditional eggs benedict, use spinach in place of the Canadian bacon, and a light marinade instead of the heavy hollandaise sauce. Plus, instead of the muffin, use a portabella mushroom cap, and you’re eating an entire meal that’s 150 calories!

The Doctors: Lighter Burger & Chocolate Truffles + "Blow-Tox"

The Doctors shared how you can still enjoy seemingly bad foods in a much healthier way. (jonolist / Flickr)


The Doctors: Healthy Burger & Chocolate Truffles

For lunch, you can still enjoy a burger, but at just 343 calories. How is it possible? David explained that he went with lean beef, 90% lean and grass-fed. Plus, use a black pepper marinade low in sodium rather than mayonnaise or other heavy toppings.

For dessert, you can make chocolate truffles using almond butter and a chocolate vegan protein powder to make one that’s just 120 calories. Plus, they’re packed with 10 grams of protein each.

The Doctors: “Blow-Tox” To Protect Your Hair After A Workout

If you hate what a good workout does to your hair, there’s a new treatment available to prevent a sweaty scalp and keep your hair fresh even after a sweaty trip to the gym. Leslie, one of their producers, put it to the test, explaining that she hates the sweat her scalp produces. In New York, there’s a treatment called the “blow-tox” where you get your hair blown out, and then make a trip to the dermatologist to get Botox injected into your scalp to keep it from sweating.

Leslie visited Dr Sonia Batra to try it out who said it would take more than 100 injections to cover the scalp, and it takes about 15-20 minutes. Dr Batra said Leslie should see results within a week. Leslie shared that when she was in spin class the other day, she didn’t have to shower afterward, but she did have to go in for a touch-up, saying she sweats more than most people. Each treatment lasts 6-12 months and costs close to $1,000. It’s important to see a specialist who knows what they’re doing.

The Doctors: Multi-Masking

The Doctors explained that an Instagram beauty trend called multi-masking could be the solution to your bad or dull skin. It basically means people are using different treatments on various areas of their face. Not everyone has the same type of skin all over their face, so it’s great for targeting specific problem areas. Multi-masking may help you skin look more radiant. Radiant was the word of the day and you can use the word radiant to enter for a chance to win seven makeup palettes from Revolution.

The Doctors: Newspaper To Eliminate Odors

Did you know that newspaper can actually asborb odors that linger in your plastic containers. Just stuff some newspaper into a plastic container, place the lid back on, and then let it sit for a while. Dr Jennifer Ashton said she was going to try stuffing her daugther’s hockey bag with newspaper.


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