The Doctors: Intense Pulse Light Treatment & Cord Blood Banking


The Doctors: Intense Pulse Light for Dark Spots

A woman said she has Dark Spots & Rosy Cheeks, but wants a more even complexion. She wanted advice on whether she should try Microdermabrasion, a Photofacial or a Peel.

Dr. Andrew Ordon suggested Intense Pulse Light treatment, and offered to perform the service in his office.


The Doctors: Cord Blood

Cord blood banking or donation can preserve stem cells, which are vital for medical research.

The Doctors: Cord Blood Banking & Donation

A pregnant woman wants to know what choices she can make during labor and delivery to improve her baby’s health.

Dr. Lisa Masterson suggested Cord Blood Banking or Cord Blood Donation. Stem Cells can be used to fight cancer, Heart Disease, and Neurological Disorders. It only takes a few seconds, and can have lasting effects.


Dr. Jim Sears recommended bringing the baby up to your chest to start the bonding process. Skin to skin contact makes a baby cry less and feel better. Doctors and nurses have a lot to do to welcome your new arrival, but it can wait a few minutes while you start to bond.

Dr. Travis Stork: Vitamins Vs Vegetables

Do you need to take vitamins if you already eat a lot of vegetables?

Dr. Travis Stork said food in your body is like a symphony. You want a balance of vitamins from whole foods like vegetables and supplements. Certain patients need supplements for specific conditions, but most people can get their vitamins from food. Some fat soluble vitamins go down better with food.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Constipation Cures

Dr. Andrew Ordon said Constipation can be caused by a variety of factors. Caffeine in coffee can stimulate your digestive system, but it’s a diuretic so it can also cause you to have harder stools.

Avoid caffeinated drinks when you’re constipated. Exercise helps to make you more regular, but you should wait an hour after eating before you work out.


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