The Doctors: Guess the Calorie Count and Burning Muscles


The Doctors: Get Your Game On

Get ready for some fun; it was game time on The Doctors. Because games have been proven to help your brain retain information, Dr Travis Stork played host to a show filled with challenges, trivia, and quizzes that made it fun to learn about important health facts. Get your game on with the Doctors!

The Doctors: Guess the Calorie Count

The Doctors: Guess the Calorie Count

How many calories are in your favorite fast food meal? The Doctors played Guess the Calorie Count.


For the show’s first challenge, Dr Travis invited audience members Beth, Alex, and Stephanie on stage to play “Guess the Calorie Count.” Dr Travis unveiled a plate filled with a double cheeseburger, chili-cheese fries, and a chocolate milkshake. It was the contestants’ job to guess how many calories the meal contained, without going over.

Alex must be living in a dream world, because he guessed just 930 calories (I wish!). Beth was the closest with a guess just over 1500 calories. The real total came to a whopping 1,990 calories.

How much fat is actually in that meal, and what happens when it enters your body? If you don’t burn the calories off, then the fat is stored. The calories in that one meal actually equaled the total recommended amount of calories for a full day for most women.


The Doctors: Burning Feeling in Muscles When Working Out

A viewer wrote in to the show to ask why her muscles started to burn whenever she worked out. Does this feeling mean that she’s pushing too hard? Not according to Dr Travis. When you work out your muscles, they produce metabolic waste and lactic acid begins to build up. After working out for a while, your muscles go into what’s called an anaerobic state, and that’s when you feel a burning sensation. So don’t worry; it’s actually good for you! That feeling helps increase endurance and make you stronger.

To put their muscles to the test, Beth and Dr Lisa Masterson went head-to-head in another challenge. Leaning with their backs against each other, Dr Lisa and Beth were asked to bend in a squat position for as long as possible. Both ladies put up a good fight, but Beth ended up holding out the longest.

Thanks to Beth’s hard work, the entire audience received a six-month gym membership to Crunch Fitness.


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