The Doctors: Gourmet Blends Review & Salad Dressing Hidden Calories


The Doctors: What is Food Porn?

A new catchphrase is taking the world by storm: food porn. Food porn is an image of a tantalizing meal that makes you instantly hungry, even if you weren’t before.

Food porn signals dopamine to be released, because your brain gets so excited about the meal that it sees. These are called supernormal stimuli, and now websites are promoting these images.


The Doctors: Gourmet Blends Review

The Doctors showed viewers how to keep their salads healthy with Gourmet Blends olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

The Doctors’ Dr. Jim Sears said that people need to pick healthier food porn to look at. Dr. Travis Stork asked the audience whether they thought food was better for you when it’s naked, or dressed.

The Doctors: Naked Food Vs. Dressed Food

Dr. Stork showed a plate of mashed potatoes “dressed” with cream gravy that came it at 973 calories and 45 grams of fat. A healthier option is to go “naked” with a light onion gravy that has 210 calories and two grams of fat.


They then showed a “dressed” chicken marsala dish with 973 calories and 37 grams of fat. The “naked” option was chicken with mushrooms and marinara, which had 190 calories and zero grams of fat.

The Doctors: Hidden Calories in Salad Dressing

The doctors said that many people order salads at restaurants to try to be healthy, but dressing packs on the calories. A salad with creamy ranch dressing has 220 calories, while a balsamic dressing has 98 calories and zero grams of fat.

Brian, from the company Gourmet Blends, showed the doctors how to undress their salads while still keeping them tasty. He said balsamic vinegar has zero grams of fat and is very healthy for you and has anti-aging properties.

The Doctors: Gourmet Blends Oil and Vinegar Review

There are many different flavors of balsamic vinegar, and one of Brian’s favorites is a white balsamic. He said the difference between a while balsamic and a regular balsamic is that the grapes have been peeled before they’re boiled.

The Doctors raved about the Gourmet Blends oil and vinegar. Brian also made a dressing out of Meyer lemon olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar, which is perfect for a spinach salad.


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