The Doctors: Freshology Review & Leslie Hill Weight Loss Diet Results


The Drs: Leslie Hill & Freshology

The Doctors took some time to check in with a past guest who has made some big changes in her life. A while back, Dr Phil met Leslie Hill, a 40-year-old woman who weighed over 350 pounds. He referred her to The Doctors team in fall 2011, and she spent seven months on a dramatic weight loss journey. She also shared her Freshology review of the packaged meal service.

Freshology Review: The Doctors

Leslie Hill shared her Freshology review on The Doctors, saying the meals taught her portion control.


“I’m a skinny woman in this fat suit, screaming for someone to unzip me and let the true me out,” Leslie said. She even worked out on Christmas to stick to her goals and avoid temptation. But she stuck with the healthy habits and even avoided temptation at work. She used a videocamera to record updates on her progress and insights into how she was managing to fight off the temptations she once craved.

The Doctors: Leslie Hill Diet

It was time to bring Leslie back on The Doctors stage to show off her weight loss results. Since starting on her journey, Leslie announced that she has lost just over 100 pounds.

“When I started this, I did not have a support system, and that was real important to me,” she said. “And y’all came along and saved my life.”


Dr Travis Stork gave Leslie all the credit for sticking with it. She said that she just needed the support and encouragement. Now she believes that anyone can do what she has done.

The Drs: Leslie’s Weight Loss Diet Results

Via videoconference, The Doctors chatted with Leslie’s physical therapist, Dee Cochran. “She’s been an inspiration for me,” said the therapist, who said that Leslie has challenged herself and kept going through plateaus.

Changing up her exercise routine and being persistent has kept Leslie going strong, and her physical therapist said she is truly an inspiration.

The Doctors: Freshology Review

Leslie’s diet included Freshology meals, which she called amazing. “It has taught me portion control,” she said. “Now when I go through and I have temptations, I don’t want those now.”

She admitted that she still has progress to make, but she wants to use her experience to inspire and motivate others to change their lives.


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