The Doctors: Energy Drink Dangers & Healthy Energy Alternatives

The Doctors: Energy Drink Dangers

The Doctors continued the unexpected, unscripted fun on their “Doctors Unplugged” episode. Their next challenge involved unlocking a cabinet that held the secrets to good health. Dr. Travis Stork read a note about the current “energy crisis” in America.

Energy drinks are more popular than ever, and may seem like a safe way to grab a quick jolt of caffeine. However, although they look unassuming, energy drinks actually contain many hidden dangers.


The Doctors: Energy Drink Dangers & Healthy Energy Alternatives

The Doctors whipped up an all-natural, vitamin-packed energy drink alternative and discussed the dangers of high-caffeine energy drinks.

Of the many energy drink dangers, any given drink can contain a half cup of sugar, high levels of caffeine and unidentified stimulants, just to name a few. The Doctors just recently tackled this subject when they discussed caffeine overdose and its harmful effects on your health.

The Drs: Healthy Energy Drink Alternative

The Doctors took on the challenge of creating a healthy, natural energy drink alternative. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and other benefits, so there’s no need to turn to something artificial for your next energy fix.


Dr. Jim Sears has a limitless amount of energy already, so Dr Travis coined their creation “the Crazy Jimbo.” Bananas, oranges (with the peel), strawberries, orange juice and mint were just some of the ingredients.

It didn’t turn out to be the most appealing color (kind of a dull mauve), but “the Crazy Jimbo” actually tasted great. Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr Travis both reported that the drink was delicious. Another successful challenge completed!

The next time you feel like grabbing a sugary energy drink, considering whipping up something healthy and natural instead. Take a look at The Doctors’ culinary adventures in the video below.


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