The Doctors: Dr. Travis Stork’s Lean Belly Shopping List


The Doctors: Lean Belly Shopping List

One ounce of Walnuts has the same heart and belly benefits from Omega 3 Fatty Acids as four ounces of Salmon.

Eating three smaller meals and two to three snacks per day are half as likely to have a big midsection as people who don’t.


Water is good for you, but ice water is even better. Drinking eight glasses of ice water daily burns up to 500 calories each week.

Travis Stork: Lean Belly Shopping List

Dr. Travis shared his grocery store picks for your best belly, including approved snacks.

The Drs TV: Weight Loss & Diet Connection

Sandra has been working out for a month, but she’s getting discouraged because she’s not seeing the weight loss results she wants. She wonders if she’s doing something wrong, or if her diet could be to blame.


“The lean belly starts in the kitchen, not in the gym,” Dr. Travis said. You have to think about how food affects your body.

Moving X-Ray: Digestion

Dr. Travis showed how food is chewed, swallowed, and digested. If there are no nutrients for the body to absorb, it will pick up sugars and fats into your system instead.

Dr. Travis: Lean Belly Shopping List

Dr. Travis went to the supermarket to share five foods you can keep in your kitchen to build a better belly.


Beans are high in Fiber and Protein, which fills you up without adding to your waistline. He said dried beans are cheaper than canned beans, and don’t have added sodium. He didn’t mention that they take forever to cook, but if you’ve got time to soak your beans, go for it.


Eggs are high in Protein, to build muscle and manage your cravings. Yolks are OK too, because they contain B12. “One study showed that people who ate two eggs instead of a bagel for breakfast lost 65% more weight over an eight-week period,” Dr. Travis said.


Berries are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.


Three servings of dairy each day makes you 60% less likely to be overweight. You can choose milk, cheese, or Greek Yogurt, and you’ll be getting calcium, Vitamin D, and even Protein.


Whole Grain is best, because White acts as sugar in your body. Whole Grains can even keep you from overeating. Telling me to eat Wheat Bread is preaching to the converted, because I’ve never understood what White Bread is all about. It’s like paper.

Now you have an idea of what items you can put on your grocery list and look for on your next shopping trip.

The Doctors: Lean Belly Snacks

The snack aisle is full of temptations, but there are some things you can find there that won’t be bad for your belly.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate containing at least 70% Cocoa means it’s not loaded with sugar. Dark Chocolate also has other health benefits.


Nuts contain good fats and proteins, so pick your favorite and have a handful as an afternoon snack.


Dr. Travis said Popcorn is a whole grain, and it has just 20 calories in one cup. Of course, he showed off the unpopped kernels that are not already flavored in a microwave bag, so be sure to read the label before pretending your Extra Butter Kettle Corn is healthy.


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