The Doctors: Does the 17 Day Diet Work? 17 Day Diet Results


The Doctors TV Show was selling The 17 Day Diet very hard.  I am always skeptical of these types of diets, but I would be intrigued to hear about people’s results or to even try it myself.  There were some before and after The 17 Day Diet Results shown on The Drs TV Show – some of which were rather impressive. The 17 Day Diet Tips

The Doctors: 17 Day Diet Results

The Doctors showed several people who lost a ton of weight on The 17 Day Diet.  One woman named Liz said that she is enjoying food without the guilt and the lemon drink in the morning is a real eye opener for her.  She eats yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast.  Liz has gone from a size 20 to a size 16 and has lost 30 pounds.  Her before and after photos were wonderful!


The Doctors TV Show: Does the 17 Day Diet Work?

A bunch of people who were interviewed on The Doctors TV Show said that they lost a bunch of weight on the 17 Day Diet.  One woman lost 8 pounds in the first week.  Another two people said that they lost 15 pounds and 25 pounds, respectively.  Dr Michael Moreno, creator of The 17 Day Diet, said that he sees over 500,000 patients a year and most of them have weight problems.  Dr Mike Moreno said that The 17 Day Diet helps you to lose weight quickly, effectively, and to keep it off long term.  Once you get it, the diet is easy.  A man said that the diet even inspired him to cook.  Some of The 17 Day Diet Recipes include delicious sounding dishes like Sesame Fish, Eggplant Parm, Taco Salad, and Nicoise Salad.  Dr Moreno wrote this book because it is the most do-able and sustainable weight loss program – plus all of us can stick to anything for just 17 days.

The 17 Day Diet & PMS Cravings

Kristina, one of the members of The Doctors 17 Day Diet Challenge Team, said that when she gets her period, she gets weird cravings for popcorn and chocolate.  Dr Michael Moreno told her that chapter 8 of The 17 Day Diet is all about how to handle PMS Food Cravings.  Fish is great because it is loaded with omega 3’s that can help with mood swings and stabilize things out.  Plus, when you are on your period, you should be sure to eat every 3 hours.  You can have snacks like proteins, lean meats, brazil nuts, and even 1/2 to 1 ounce of dark chocolate every day.

The 17 Day Diet & Food Relapse

Clint, another member of The Doctors 17 Day Diet Challenge Team, asked what happens if he loses control and starts to eat bad foods again while on The 17 Day Diet.  Dr Mike Moreno said that people tend to make Food Relapses and, if you make a mistake, it is important to not beat yourself up over it.  Just go back to the Accelerate Cycle from Day 1 and continue The 17 Day Diet.


Dr Michael Moreno’s 17 Day Diet Tips

Dr Mike Moreno gave a few excellent diet tips to be creative with food and to get maximum flavor while still being healthy.  Try adding dijon mustard to turkey burgers, horseradish on cottage cheese, and Dr Moreno’s favorite, cinnamon on oatmeal.


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