The Doctors: Diet & Exercise Tips from Magic Mike’s Adam Rodriguez


Adam Rodriguez: Magic Mike

Adam Rodriguez is the sexy star of the CBS drama CSI: Miami. He most recently starred in the male stripper film Magic Mike, so of course, he had to be in great shape. Adam trained for six weeks with a celebrity trainer in order to look good in his tiny speedo, but you don’t need a personal trainer in order to get similar results. On The Doctors, Adam stopped by to share some of his diet and exercise secrets so that you too can get into tip-top celebrity shape.

Adam Rodriguez: Gold’s Gym Exercise Routine

Adam Rodriguez Pole Dancing: The Doctors

"Magic Mike" star Adam Rodriguez shared his best diet and exercise tips on The Doctors. (s_bukley /


We joined Adam at Gold’s Gym for an intense work out with his personal trainer. Adam’s trainer suggested that in order to have a great work out, warming up is key. He prefers “natural movements” for warm ups as opposed to machine work; that means things like jumping rope and climbing stairs.

Then, Adam worked on his upper body strength with lots of burpees and deadlifts. He also worked on his abs. His trainer complimented his great work ethic in the gym.

Adam Rodriguez: High Protein Diet

Working out is just one part of building a fit, muscular body. Adam showed off some of the foods that he ate 3-4 times a day: 40% protein like grilled chicken, 30% good carbs from veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, and then healthy fats from avocado or olive oil.


Adam Rodriguez: Stripper Pole-Dancing Basics

Lastly, since Adam plays a stripper in Magic Mike, he demonstrated some of his basic pole-dancing moves. The first was a body roll; what he called “a standing worm.” You throw your chest out and then slowly roll your body. The male Doctors got up to give it a try, although Dr Stork was pretty embarrassed. Dr Masterson was the luckiest, because she got to just sit back and enjoy the show!


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