The Doctors: CRAP Diet Substitutes & The PINK Method Successes


The Doctors: Pink Method CRAP

Author Cynthia Pasquella, Creator Of The PINK Method, returned to The Doctors with some healthy weight loss tips. She said that there is an easy-to-remember acronym that will help you reduce the amount of junk in your diet. Just remember CRAP, which stands for Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, and Processed Foods. You can eliminate these from your diet by choosing healthier substitutes.

Cynthia Pasquella: Caffeine Substitutes

Caffeine is found in coffee and soda, and it’s OK in small doses. In moderation, coffee is fine for you, Dr. Travis Stork said. But Dr. Lisa Masterson’s fondness for cola doesn’t have any health benefits.


The Doctors: CRAP PINK Diet Review

PINK Method founder Cynthia Pasquella shared healthy alternatives to caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods.

The Doctors: Pina Colada Recipe

Cynthia Pasquella recommends a drink she created, called Pina Colada With A Side Of Green. It’s a concoction of fiber rich kale and spinach, banana, coconut milk, coconut water, mango, pineapple, and dates, which are natural energy boosters.

Dr. Travis Stork: Refined Sugar Substitutes

Overindulging in refined sugars, like cakes and other sweets, these carbohydrates will turn into fat. Of course, your brain loves the sugar high, but your pancreas has to pump out more insulin to keep up.


Simple Sexy Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Cynthia Pasquella said that sugar is snuck into almost everything these days, including mayonnaisse, crackers, and even pasta sauce. She suggests a Simple, Sexy Spaghetti Sauce.

The ingredients are salt, pepper, garlic, onions, oregano, basil, herbs, olive oil, and diced, peeled tomatoes. Just simmer it in a pot for 30-45 minutes. Audience member Danielle loved the sauce.

Dr. Travis Stork said to make sure you read the ingredient lists on premade sauces you buy in the store.

Dr. Cynthia Masterson: Mocktail Mint Julep

Alcohol can have the same effects as sugar on your body. That’s why Cynthia Pasquella has created a Mocktail Mint Julep substitute. It includes water, mint sprigs, lemonade, and agave nectar or Stevia sweetener.

Studies show that mint relaxes the body and relieves stress, giving you some of the effects of alcohol, without the negative effects.

Cynthia Pasquella: Chicken Nugget Recipe

The PINK Method author Cynthia Pasquella said many people think that chicken nuggets are healthy, breaded white meat. But in reality, it’s all parts of the chicken, including organs and skin, plus oils, starches, and fats.

I Can’t Believe I’m Eating Chicken Nuggets On A Diet

As a substitute, she recommends a recipe called I Can’t Believe I’m Eating Chicken Nuggets On A Diet. It uses pecans, whole wheat flour, and spices. They are baked instead of fried, and much healthier than fast food versions.

The Doctors: PINK Method Before & After

Dr. Travis Stork enlisted viewer Danielle to throw away all the CRAP–caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol, and processed foods–in her diet. She energetically tossed the offending foods into a giant trash can on the stage.

The PINK Method: Fruit & Vegetable Snacks

Viewer Cindy has lost 13 pounds on The PINK Method. But she wants to know what to do when she is hungry around snack times between meals. She wants to know if she can add fruits and vegetables as snacks, in addition to her meal plan.

Nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella suggested that Cindy focus on eating more vegetables, which will fill her up while adding fiber to her diet. Hunger leads to cravings for things that aren’t so healthy, which makes veggies a great option.

The PINK Method

Viewer Cheyanne Started The PINK Method Diet during Cynthia Pasquella’s last appearance on The Doctors. She’s lost 16 pounds in just over one month. Trainer Jenna surprised Cheyanne to encourage her in her progress. Together, they worked out and talked about Cheyanne’s health.

Cheyanne told Jenna that her family history of obesity has inspired her to get serious about health and weight loss. Jenna organized a physical exam for Cheyanne to check her health progress.

Dr. Katja Van Herle told Cheyanne that they would look at lipids, triglycerides, insulin, and other factors to monitor her health. Cheyanne joined The Doctors in the studio to discuss her results.

Dr. Travis Stork reported that Cheyanne’s blood work looked good, though her thyroid levels are on the low side. Cheyanne is slated for a follow up appointment in two to three months.

The Drs: PINK Method

Cheyanne said she loves to cook on the stove, but she typically uses oil. She asked Cynthia Pasquella for oil alternatives for cooking.

Cynthia Pasquella suggested buying a steamer to cook vegetables. This helps the veggies retain more of their nutrient content. She said another option is using veggie broth, which adds flavor but not fat. You can also cook meat in water or vegetable broth.

Cynthia Pasquella: PINK Method Review

Viewer Rachel has lost 65 pounds on The PINK Method. She said the key for her was to stay positive and rely on support from others, to stay on track and lose weight.

The Doctors: Online Weight Loss Support Systems

Dr. Lisa Masterson said studies have found that obesity is socially contagious. That is why having a supportive community around you can help you lose weight. It’s helpful to be around people who are focused on health and nutrition, to boost your own success.

Cynthia Pasquella talked about the community aspect of The PINK Method. Women share success stories and recipes using the program’s online forum. She even joins in the discussions and live webcam chats, to encourage everyone.

Web developer Dan Rosenthal of said the goal of the program is to make the diet and exercise programs stick to you. The community element helps people keep from feeling alone. The massive online community means that there is almost always someone online to offer support.

Everyone in the audience received a copy of The PINK Method. You can purchase The PINK Method by clicking here.


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