The Doctors: Cortisol Saliva Test & Cinnamon Chocolate Milk Drink


The Drs: Cinnamon Chocolate Milk Recipe Reduces Belly Fat

Christy is a mother of five-year-old triplets who is constantly juggling emails and phone calls, and says she is stressed from morning to night. She travels for work, and when she’s at home the kids are clamoring for attention. She’ll fall asleep if she sits on the couch too long.

She’s self-conscious about her body, which she feels has gotten out of control. She asked if stress is what is keeping her from managing her belly.


The Doctors: Body Fat Saliva Test

Pharmacist Dr. Mark Gonzales met with Christy to see what role stress is playing in her physiology. The Med Specialties Saliva Test Kit is an at-home test you can use to evaluate your Cortisol levels.

Dr. Gonzales said weight gain and inability to lose weight are some of the symptoms of high Cortisol levels. You do multiple test samples throughout the day to gauge your results.

The Doctors: Cinnamon Chocolate Milk

Find out why Cinnamon Chocolate Milk is the perfect way to treat yourself after an intense workout.


Dr. Mark Gonzales: Cortisol Saliva Test

Christy and Dr. Gonzales were in the audience to talk about this test. Christy said she is stressed right now thinking about the work emails and phone messages that will be waiting for her when she’s done at the show.

Dr. Gonzales said the test just takes four saliva samples, and Christy’s tests showed her levels were highest in the evening, after work. It was 50% higher than what’s considered normal, and that high Cortisol causes retention of Visceral Fat, leading to cravings for sugar and caffeine.

The Drs TV: Breath & Relaxation

Dr. Travis said you can take 10-minute walks a few times a day to give yourself a break. Even looking out the window for a moment can help you relax.

He shared an easy way to reduce your stress no matter where you are: deep breathing. Just taking three deep, slow breaths can help you calm down almost instantly.

The Doctors: Exercise Excuses

Today’s audience each wrote excuses about why they don’t make their health a priority. Dr. Travis Stork took a look at the audience excuses and ways to work around them.

People think that making progress takes too much time. Someone wrote that they can’t kick the carbs. Others don’t see results fast enough.

Dr. Travis said fat isn’t really about how you look. Looking great makes you feel self-confident aesthetically, but fat can also make you feel horrible internally.

Dr Travis Stork: The Lean Belly Prescription Review

Angel’s excuse was, “It took me 20 years to put [weight] on, and it’ll take me 20 years to take it off.” Dr. Travis told Angel it doesn’t take that long. Visceral Belly Fat is the easiest to lose, especially as you start to make small changes.

You can look better at age 70 than age 50 by making small changes. It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to take advantage of healthier choices.

Dr Travis Stork: Belly Busting Cinnamon Chocolate Milk

There is a tasty treat you can make to reward yourself after a great workout to help you achieve your better belly goals.

It’s Cinnamon Chocolate Milk, which has a combination of protein and carbs to help muscles recover after a great workout. This fuel can help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Everyone in the audience got a free copy of Dr. Travis Stork’s book, The Lean Belly PrescriptionClick here to purchase your own edition of The Lean Belly Prescription.



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