The Doctors: Coronary Artery Calcium Scan & Paper Plate Workout


The Doctors: Creative Weight Loss

Do you need a new perspective on weight loss? The Doctors highlighted some alternative approaches to weight loss, including Hemp Seed Protein and Pantyhose Resistance Bands. But there were still plenty more weight loss secrets to give away. Check out the motivational Coronary Artery Calcium Scan, Paper Plate Workout, and Text Accountability Food Challenge.

The Drs: Coronary Artery Calcium Scan

Paper Plate Workout: The Doctors

The Doctors shared the money saving health benefits of the Paper Plate Workout.


Cardiologist Dr John Kennedy said that in some cases, fear is the perfect motivator for overweight patients who need to be scared straight. Getting a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan can give you a picture of your heart and show any areas of plaque, which causes approximately 1 million deaths annually.

“We know that being overweight increases your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes,” Dr Kennedy said, and those can all increase the plaque in your heart, which can cause a heart attack.

Dr Travis Stork said that patients who see the negative results of a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan are “three times more likely to lose weight,” but by then the damage may already be done. Staying active and eliminating processed sugars and trans fats from your diet can make a huge difference in keeping your arteries clear of plaque.


Parents should take notice and be alarmed about this threat to their children, because pediatrician Dr Jim Sears said that “one out of two children will eventually develop Coronary Artery Disease.”

The Doctors: Text Accountability Food Challenge

How do you lose weight with a cell phone? You can use it to stay accountable for your health and weight loss decisions. “By texting your best friend what you eat every meal, you just might find yourself making better choices, eating fewer calories, and losing weight,” Dr Travis Stork said.

Best friends Jenny and Adelaide put this concept to the test. They’ve been best friends for years, and though they each had different goals for their weight loss, they were excited about the plan.

After the experiment, they appeared in the audience to report the results of their plan. They said that texting one another helped reinforce healthier choices and options. In addition, the hassle of texting every guilty snack throughout the day eventually made them less likely to graze on junk.

The Drs: Paper Plate Workout

Do you use paper plates? If so, The Doctors said that smaller is better, because smaller plates will encourage you to eat fewer calories. But they had an even bigger weight loss suggestion: the Paper Plate Workout.

Skip the gym and use paper plates to work out at home. You can exercise a variety of muscles and do some intense moves using paper plates. It sounds crazy, but The Doctors showed it off to demonstrate.

Paper Plate Workout: Mountain Climbers Exercise

Here’s how to do Mountain Climbers: Put a paper plate under each toe. Lean forward and rest both palms on the floor. Kick your legs back and forth, but be careful because it can be slippery. This core workout hits the triceps and chest.


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