The Doctors: Baby Formula Causes Diabetes & Obesity? Warning to Moms


The Doctors: Infant Weight Gain & Baby Formula

Weight gain in babies can come from something their mothers might be giving them every day. The Doctors asked, “Which of these baby drinks may contribute to a child’s long term weight gain? A) Breast Milk B) Baby Formula C) Low Fat Milk.”

Researchers have found that babies that are fed formula during the first six months of their lives are more prone to suffer from many childhood medical conditions, like obesity and diabetes.


The Doctors: Breast Milk Vs Formula

The Doctors: Infant Formula Causes Diabetes & Obesity? Warning to Moms

Babies that are fed formula in the first six months of their lives, as opposed to breast milk, are more likely to have a variety of childhood medical problems like obesity.

Studies have also found that the longer a baby is breastfed, the less likely they are to develop obesity as a teenager and adult. Dr. Jim Sears’ theory is that breast milk was designed for humans – human breast milk, human babies. Formula is based on cow’s milk and soy proteins.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that for mothers who can’t breastfeed, formula is fine and it’s made to be adequate.


The Doctors: Intestinal Bacteria Makes You Eat More?

A study is suggesting that people are eating more because of changes in their intestinal bacteria. The study tested this theory on mice and found that the mice were less able to take up glucose, which led to weight gain, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez sat down with the doctors to explain this theory. He said there are different bacteria in our bodies, and some actually absorb more carbohydrates than others. People that have these bacteria end up absorbing more calories that they eat.

The Doctors: How to Absorb Less Carbohydrates

Dr. Rodriguez said the mice that they gave the bacteria to absorbed 25% more carbs. Dr. Travis Stork asked what we can do to get rid of this bacteria.

Dr. Rodriguez suggested cutting back on carbohydrates 50%, which will bring in better bacteria. He also recommended probiotics. He said the majority of carbs make it more difficult to lose weight.

Dr. Stork asked about using antibiotics. Dr. Rodriguez said that there are certain intestinal diseases and if we use certain antibiotics, they come to the forefront. He said we shouldn’t go to the doctor’s office looking for antibiotics. They will do you more harm in the long run than good.


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