The Doctors: Americans’ Food Consumption and Portion Control


The Doctors: Consumption Crash Course

For another round of The Doctors Hunger Games, Dr. Travis Stork had a spread of different foods out for the next challenge: dairy, veggies, meat proteins and oils and sugars. Check out the questions he asked the contestants about Americans’ Food Consumption and Portion Control.

Challenge two was called the “Consumption Crash Course.” Each team was given four question cards, and they had to answer the questions by grabbing foods from Dr. Stork’s spread and placing them above the question cards.


Question One:

The average American eats 630 pounds of this food group each year.

Question Two:


The average American eats 415 pounds of this food group each year.

Question Three:

The average American eats 232.4 pounds of this food group each year.

Question Four:

The average American eats 85 pounds of this food group each year.

The Doctors: Americans' Food Consumption and Portion Control

It’s important to know the correct portion sizes for different food groups so that you don’t overeat and risk obesity.

The Doctors: Dairy Vs Vegetables

The answer to question one is dairy. Zero of the three teams were correct on that one. Question number two’s answer was vegetables. That can’t be good that Americans ate more dairy than veggies! Again, none of the teams got the answer correct.

Meat was the answer for question number three, and the teams went 0/3. Americans ate 85 pounds of oils and sugars to answer question four. There was a three-way tie at the end of the game because no team got any questions correct.

For the tiebreaker, there was another physical challenge. Dr. Stork made the contestants do side planks, and the first to fall would be eliminated. The side plank pose strengthens your abdomen and legs.

After 51 seconds and a visible struggle, Dave from “ No Country for Fat Men” fell. Dr. Stork said that it was the best effort that he’d ever seen and he was proud of everyone.

The Doctors: Portion Control Pop-Quiz

The final face-off between “Thin it to Win it” and “Mission Slimpossible” was the “Portion Control Pop-Quiz.” Dr. Travis asked each team several questions about portion size. Teams had to wait until the question was fully asked to ring the bell, and if they rang it too early they would forfeit the point to the other team.

The first team to get two points would be named the winner of the Hunger Games, Doctors Style.

Question One:

Which of these equals the correct serving size of dried fruit?

  • A. Ping pong ball
  • B. Half a tennis ball
  • C. Tennis ball

“Mission Slimpossible” guessed C which was incorrect. According to Dr. Stork, when you dry a fruit, it shrinks down to about a quarter of it’s size.

Question Two:

Which of these objects equals the correct serving size of mixed nuts?

  • A. Shot glass
  • B. Deck of Cards
  • C. Baseball

“Mission Slimpossible” rang their bell and guessed A, and they were correct!

Question Three:

Which of these objects equals the correct serving size of cheddar cheese?

  • A. Check book
  • B. Square of sticky notes
  • C. Four dice

“Mission Slimpossible” was quick to ring their bell and guess C. The correct answer? C!

The Doctors: Calorie Burning Dance-Off

Edd Hall announced a shocking twist at the end: they were adding another team back into the mix. The Doctors chose their three favorite dancers from the audience to participate in a dance-off to get a team back in the game.

Fun fact: high intensity dancing can burn almost 500 calories per hour. After 30 seconds of some interesting dance moves, the dancer for the blue team was named the winner, which put the “Muffin Top Stoppers” back in the game.


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