The Doctors: Alkaline Diet Review & Do Men Look Better With Beards


The Doctors: Do Men Look Better With Beards?

Does the new Alkaline Diet fad really work? The Doctors looked into this latest health trend. But first, do men look better with beards? Dr Travis Stork did an informal audience poll and found that most of the women surveyed preferred their men without beards. But there are differing opinions out there when it comes to beards and their social purposes.

The Doctors highlighted photos featuring Dr Travis Stork, Dr Andrew ordon and Dr Jim Sears in various stages of beard growth (Dr Travis looked like he had been lost in the wild for a few months or something). If a man shaves his beard daily, that could be about 20,000 shaving sessions over a lifetime.


Alkaline Diet Review: The Doctors

The Doctors team reviewed the science behind the Alkaline Diet fad and concluded that both acidic and alkaline foods have important health benefits.

“If you want respect from other men, grow a beard. But if you want to attract a woman, shave it off,” Dr Travis Stork said, sharing a study from Behavioral Ecology.

The Drs: Men’s Facial Hair Removal

The Doctors met Chris, a man who’s tired of shaving as often as twice a day. He’s been doing it since age 14, and he’s just ready to throw in the shaving towel and give up on facial hair for good. “I really hate the nicks and cuts. Ingrown hair turns into a red mark on your face,” Chris said, noting that he has to use a new razor every day because his beard is so thick.


Backstage, Chris was shaving his beard for what would hopefully be the last time. The team planned to show off his permanent beard removal treatment later in the show.

The Doctors: Alkaline Diet Review

Demi Moore, Marc Jacobs and Reggie Bush all reportedly have the same diet in common. Are you eating too many acidic foods? These three famous name are among those partaking in the new Alkaline Diet. How does your diet affect your body’s pH levels? A news report suggested that your diet can affect body chemistry, and those who’ve tried this plan are seeing meaningful results, physically as well as mentally.

The Doctors team took the stage with a range of foods ranging from a pH level of 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). Here are some of the highlights they mentioned from the Alkaline Diet. But Dr Travis Stork said studies don’t find any lasting impact on the pH balance of your blood based on diet.

“Your GI tract is separate from your bloodstream,” Dr Travis said. Dr Jim Sears demonstrated how you can test your saliva using a test strip. His results found that he was right in the middle of the scale, which is the ideal goal. Dr Lisa credited the body with naturally regulating this.

The Drs: Acidic Foods Health Benefits

Lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits are very acidic, but can have major health benefits. Dr Travis Stork said the key is about maintaining a balanced diet. “The pH in your GI tract, the pH in your mouth, does not correlate to the pH in your bloodstream,” Dr Travis said.

There are a variety of health benefits from eating fresh natural fruits and vegetables from both ends of the pH spectrum, but you shouldn’t be afraid of alkaline or acid. The Doctors agreed that this is just one more dietary fad.


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