The Doctors: 17 Day Diet Review

The Doctors TV Show did a segment called How the #17 Will Change Your Life.  The Drs (Dr Andrew Ordon, Dr Travis Stork, Dr Jim Sears and Dr Lisa Masterson) brought on Mike Moreno, author of The 17 Day Diet (you can read the recap of what Mike Moreno said about his diet plan here: 17 Day Diet).  Then after the segment explaining how to do the diet, a lady who actually was successful with the 17 Day Diet came on The Drs Tv Show. The Doctors TV Show 17 Day Diet

The Drs: The 17 Day Diet Review

The Doctors brought on a woman who started the 17 Day Diet one cycle ago and who lost 10 pounds in the first 17 days alone.  The diet helped her to learn about which vegetables are the best and she said that she never felt hungry while on the diet.  In fact, she said she feels amazing and that people always complement her on how she glows.  What makes her weight loss even more impressive to me is that she recently had a baby and was struggling to lose the baby weight.  Now it has been 25 days since she started the 17 Day Diet and the before and after photo that The Doctors showed was amazing.  It almost sounds and looks too good to be true!  She lost 6 pounds in the first week alone, so she said that it really is a fast weight loss process.  She has more energy now and feels less sluggish – almost like a new person.


Dr Travis Stork said that if you are ever on a diet and feel like crap, you will fail and turn back to your old ways, because who wants to feel like crap.  That is why it is important that she feels so amazing while on the 17 Day Diet.  She said that she plans her meals for the entire week and goes to the grocery store just once so that she never looks for random snacks around her house.  You should look at this as a lifestyle rather than as a diet.



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