The Doctors: 17 Day Diet by Mike Moreno 4 Cycles for Weight Loss


The Doctors brought Mike Moreno, author of The 17 Day Diet, onto The Drs TV Show to teach a bride-to-be some tips to lose weight before her wedding.  The soon to be bride said that she is excited to be married in 6 months, but she was a size 6 when she bought her wedding dress and now she has gained 12-15 pounds and the dress is too tight.  So she is starting The 17 Day Diet so that in 6 months she will look amazing and not have to spend an extra $300 on dress alterations. The Doctors 17 Day Diet Review

The Drs: 17 Day Diet

Mike Moreno told The Doctors that The 17 Day Diet is for anyone and it really applies to everyone.  Moreno explained that he picked 17 days because that is really the amount of time that anyone can commit to doing anything, so people are more inclined to stay on it.  Plus, many studies show that you need to lose weight quickly to stay motivated, rather than to lose weight slowly over time.  The good news is that women tend to want to lose weight when they get married, so it is good to know that there may be a diet out there that can work quickly.


17 Day Diet – Cycle 1: Accelerate

Moreno said that the first 17 day cycle in his 17 Day Diet is called Accelerate and this is where you remove sugars and cleanse your body.  Lots of diets use fasting as their form of cleansing, but this is not healthy and just makes you grouchy.  He tells everyone to start off their morning with a glass of water with half of a lemon squeezed into it.  Other foods you can eat during the Accelerate Cycle include green tea, vegetables, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, fish, chicken, Greek style yogurt, probiotic kefir, fresh fruit and eggs.

17 Day Diet – Cycle 2: Activate

Mike Moreno said that the second 17 day cycle is called Activate and you add in more lean meats and fish.  When you think about how we are told to work out at the gym, you are told not to just do the same thing over and over again, and that is what this second cycle does.  It puts your body into shock so that you continue to burn more weight.  Simple changes like replacing white rice with brown rice can decrease your chances of getting Diabetes.

17 Day Diet – Cycle 3: Achieve

Mike Moreno told The Doctors that in the third cycle, you can start to introduce more carbs like whole grains, granola, whole wheat bread, and even turkey bacon.  The 17 Day Diet is not about restricting calories, it is more about choosing the right things to eat, how much you eat and when you eat it.


17 Day Diet – Cycle 4: Arrive

The last cycle in The 17 Day Diet is a combination of the first three cycles, though Moreno did not discuss this on The Doctors TV Show.

Some other interesting things about The 17 Day Diet is that alcohol is allowed in moderation, though you will not see as rapid of a weight loss during the first phase if you drink alcohol.  And ice cream sandwiches and chocolate fudge pops are allowed, especially the only 100 calorie ones!


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